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  • Action Alert! We Need Your Help First, Ohio

    Representative Mike Skindell will soon be re-introducing the Ohio Health Care Act, a bill that would provide progressive financing of health care and extend the benefits to all Ohioans, regardless of employment status, financial status, marital status or any other kind of status.  The bill provides for comprehensive benefits including dental, vision and mental health care.  Rep. Skindell will be sending out co-sponsor letters, inviting other members of the Ohio House to sign on to the bill.  This is important as it shows support for the bill.   We need you to urge your state representative to sign on as a co-sponsor.   Sample language: Please endorse the Ohio Health Care Act, to be introduced by Representative Mike Skindell, by signing on as a co-sponsor.    The Ohio Health Care Act ensures that no Ohioan will be without health coverage during a pandemic.   It also gives the state a way to control health care costs and benefits businesses by removing the burden of healthcare from them.   Small businesses, the backbone of our local economy, will benefit greatly. 

  • Efforts Heat Up to Save The Kossuth Street Garden

    On the longest night of the year, when Saturn and Jupiter connected in the galaxy, on the South Side of Columbus, a couple of dozen people gathered together at the Kossuth Street Garden to their Winter Solstice Event. Kossuth Street Garden director Michael Doody posted on his Facebook page that the Winter Solstice is “The Return of the Sun” in the Inuit Tribe. The Garden was lit with Luminaries to bring light to the Garden. The approximate two dozen attendees each held a candle to commemorate those who we lost this year. The purpose of this year’s Winter Solstice Event was to honor the Frontliners of the COVID-19 Pandemic, and to fight to keep the Kossuth Street Garden alive. The Kossuth Street Garden, in the Southern Orchards Neighborhood in South Columbus is the target of re-development by developers. The South Side Area Commission and the Southern Orchards Civic Association both approved the Zoning Variances for development on the site. In January, the Garden will head to the City of Columbus Division of Planning and Development.

  • Pope’s Words in Open Letter to Joe Biden

    By David Swanson, World BEYOND War, January 22, 2021https://worldbeyondwar.org/popes-words-in-open-letter-to-joe-biden/ Dear President Joe Biden, Congratulations and best wishes!

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