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  • An estimated 37,000 American kids lost a parent to COVID-19, study finds

    An estimated 37,000 to 43,000 American children lost a parent to COVID-19 as of February, according to research published this week. Among the findings, which appeared in JAMA Pediatrics, children aged 0 to 17 experienced a surge in what’s known as “parental bereavement” of somewhere between 17.5% and 20.2%. Of those 37,000 who lost a The post An estimated 37,000 American kids lost a parent to COVID-19, study finds appeared first on Ohio Capital Journal.

  • Supreme Court to hear case of woman charged with possession after newborn tests positive

    The Ohio Supreme Court is taking up a case in which a woman was convicted of drug possession, but the only drugs she possessed were in her blood system and the blood system of her newborn. Kelly Foreman was charged in Seneca County on felony drug possession charges “despite the fact that she was never The post Supreme Court to hear case of woman charged with possession after newborn tests positive appeared first on Ohio Capital Journal.

  • With variants spreading, Ohio tries to reach the vaccine hesitant

    After months of increasing vaccination rates and declining coronavirus cases, infections are again going up in Ohio.  Gov. Mike Dewine and health officials on Thursday said the increase has put the state in a race against more-contagious variants that evolve from the “mutant swarm” that thrives so long as the virus has plenty of hosts The post With variants spreading, Ohio tries to reach the vaccine hesitant appeared first on Ohio Capital Journal.

  • U.S. gun violence an ‘international embarrassment,’ Biden says in rolling out executive action

    WASHINGTON — President Joe Biden on Thursday reiterated his call on Congress to pass stalled gun legislation reform but also outlined executive action he’s taking on several gun control measures, following deadly mass shootings last month in Colorado and Georgia. “Gun violence in this country is an epidemic and it’s an international embarrassment,” Biden said The post U.S. gun violence an ‘international embarrassment,’ Biden says in rolling out executive action appeared first on Ohio Capital Journal.

  • Early voting underway in Ohio for May 2021 primary election

    It is election season once again in Ohio, though you may or may not have something to vote for this spring. Early voting has begun for the May 2021 primary election, which features tax levies and other local government races throughout the state. The easiest way to check if you have a local issue to The post Early voting underway in Ohio for May 2021 primary election appeared first on Ohio Capital Journal.

WYSO Yellow Springs

Columbus Free Press

  • Free Press April Second Saturday Cyber-Salon: Earth Politics

    Saturday, April 10, 7-8pm, this event will be occurring via Zoom "The Earth does not belong to us: we belong to the Earth." ~ Chief Seattle Since we aren’t getting together in person, we can gather for a couple of hours on the second Saturday of each month, 7-8pm Eastern Time, on Zoom. Salon presentations: • Brian Clash, music • WGRN producers Annie Warmke and Herbert Ndeki II. • Cathy Cowan Becker, Columbus Climate Action Plan and Simply Living • Morgan Harper, on the Climate Strike organizing and AlphaFraternity members • And more! A question-and-answer period will be included. If you have any announcements for the progressive community, contact us at 614-253-2571 or at <colsfreepress@gmail.com>. Please use this Zoom link to join this event.

  • Protest While You Can in Columbus

    Saturday, April 10, 12 noon Ohio Statehouse

  • Free Press Hero: Cynthia Brown seeks to end qualified immunity in Ohio

    When we recently spoke with Cynthia Brown she was driving around town on a sunny Saturday morning visiting “every activist event” in Central Ohio that day. Brown is seeking roughly 1,000 signatures needed by the Ohio Attorney General to approve ballot language for a 2022 initiative she is proposing to end qualified immunity for Columbus and Ohio law enforcement. If the language is accepted, Brown knows she will need a small army to gather the 400,000-plus signatures to get approval for a statewide vote. Disheartening was how some state level and City of Columbus office holders talked tough during the summer of 2020 about ending qualified immunity, which they could do themselves, but as usual so found their promises were empty.  Brown has taken it upon herself to end qualified immunity, her passion since her nephew Kareem Ali Nadir Jones was shot and killed by Columbus police in 2017. He was harassed for no good reason and ordered to get on the ground. He was then tragically shot in the face, neck, and in the back while on the ground by two white officers. Both are still with the Division.

WCRS Columbus

The Devil Strip

  • Trumpeter Tommy Lehman expresses love for Akron through his jazz

    Reporting and writing by Laura Lakins “What I create is a direct reflection of what I see and experience every day here in Akron. I hope to inspire anyone who hears my music to live with more love and on a higher vibration day-to-day,” jazz musician and trumpeter Tommy Lehman says. Born and raised in Akron, Tommy has been surrounded by music for as long as he can remember. From his musically inclined family to his experiences in Akron’s finest

  • After hundreds of pandemic evictions, Akron will consider new rules to protect renters

    Reporting and writing by Noor Hindi On Monday, the mayor’s office proposed two pieces of legislation to City Council that would provide renters with more protection when facing eviction and searching for housing.  Source of income protections would forbid landlords from denying tenants based on how they’re paying rent. For example, it prevents landlords from discriminating against tenants who use the Housing Choice Voucher Program, more commonly known as Section 8, to pay rent.  “Pay to stay” protections would allow

  • Crooked River Reflections | Cleaning up the Krejci Dump

    Writing by Arrye Rosser Buyer beware! When Cuyahoga Valley National Park purchased the Krejci Dump in 1985, park officials had no idea what would be involved in restoring the property as parkland.  As we celebrate Earth Day 2021 this month, we are also celebrating the end of a cleanup effort that has taken more than 30 years. The former salvage yard and waste disposal facility in Boston Township was so contaminated with industrial waste that it qualified under the Superfund

  • Akron YouTuber “Daniellability” shows what it’s like living with spina bifida

    Reporting, writing and photos by Abbey Marshall Danielle Marx hopes that on her little corner of YouTube, she can be an inspiration to others with spina bifida. That’s why the Akronite started her channel, Daniellability, in 2018: to provide realistic online representation to kids who might only see themselves represented in simplified media tropes. “A lot of representation that’s out there is not necessarily what people with disabilities want to see,” Danielle, 31, says. “The media shows us as inspiring

  • A story in stone: North Hill Marble & Granite serves Akron families for more than a century

    Writing, reporting and photos by H.L. Comeriato For more than a century, North Hill Marble & Granite has had the same address.  At the corner of North Howard Street and Frederick Avenue, the company’s showroom overlooks the city’s skyline. When Fred Giacomini and Gaetano Buzzi founded the company in 1918, Akron was in the midst of the Spanish Flu epidemic, which killed more than 600 Akronites by the end of 1919.  From their shop in North Hill, the business churned

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