• AOC Will Not Be Cowed by the Right

    On Tuesday, Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) took to Instagram Live to describe her experience of last week’s siege on the US Capitol in harrowing detail. Not only did AOC and other lawmakers have to contend with the armed, Confederate flag–wielding mob in the Capitol, but, as AOC pointed out, there was no safety among her

  • Indonesia’s Repression Hasn’t Broken the West Papuan Freedom Struggle

    The Indonesian occupation of West Papua has been in place since 1963, claiming at least 100,000 lives in a country that today has a population of less than a million people. West Papuan Independence Day, which fell on December 1 in 2020, inspired protests by Papuans in eight cities across Indonesia, despite the threat of

  • Throw the Book at Rick Snyder for Poisoning Flint’s Water

    Michigan’s attorney general Dana Nessel charged Republican former governor Rick Snyder with two counts of willful neglect related to the Flint water crisis today. The charge carries a maximum penalty of up to a year in prison. Snyder pleaded not guilty. Several former senior Snyder aides were also charged, and Nessel has said more indictments

  • Big Pharma Is Fighting to Deny Canadians Access to Treatment

    In the Speech from the Throne this September, the Trudeau government said it “remains committed to a national, universal pharmacare program and will accelerate steps to achieve this system.” That is an improvement over the Liberals’ pledge, during the 2019 federal election, to provide $6 billion over four years as a “down payment” on pharmacare.

  • The Public Should Regulate Silicon Valley — Not the Other Way Around

    Donald Trump’s Twitter ban is a poetic end to his performance. In 2016, the outsider-insider outmaneuvered his enemies and seized power with the aid of an aggressive, nimble base stitched together online. Now the failing God-Emperor’s soliloquy is silenced by the very force who helped him come to power, amid the tragicomic denouement of armed


  • Protest Song Of The Week: ‘Weeping in the Promised Land’ By John Fogerty

    John Fogerty, the legendary former frontman of Creedence Clearwater Revival is no stranger to composing socially conscious tunes. Songs such as “Fortunate Son” and “Who’ll Stop the Rain” are timeless anthems that were written in response to the Vietnam War and President Richard Nixon's administration. The post Protest Song Of The Week: ‘Weeping in the Promised Land’ By John Fogerty appeared first on Shadowproof.

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  • Inside Biden’s $1.9 Trillion Plan to Help Struggling Americans

    On Thursday night, President-elect Joe Biden outlined the first portion of his administration’s two-step plan to contain the coronavirus and revive the struggling American economy. A key emphasis of his proposal is to give immediate, individual relief to Americans suffering in the pandemic-induced recession.  The so-called American Rescue Plan that Biden unveiled includes $1.9 trillion

  • Lawmakers Who Attended the President’s Pre-Riot Rally Are Going to Feel Fundraising Pain

    Before a mob stormed the Capitol on January 6, Alabama Rep. Mo Brooks stood on the ellipse near the White House and gave the pro-Trump crowd who had gathered there his enthusiastic encouragement for their movement to challenge the election. “I’ve got a message that I need you to take to your heart and take

  • A New Watchdog Report Reveals Just How Obsessed Trump Officials Were With Family Separation

    A yearslong investigation by the Department of Justice’s Office of Inspector General found that then–Attorney General Jeff Sessions and his senior staff rushed forward a family separation that the government was completely unprepared to implement. The combination of intentional cruelty and unintentional incompetence detailed in the report combines to create a horrifying picture of the

  • Lunchtime Photo

    This is a small lake in Sumapaz National Park in Colombia. I don’t know if it’s a permanent lake, or just one that appears during the rainy season and then dries out. But it was very pretty when I was there.

  • This Story About Ivanka, Obama, and Poop Is So Much Worse Than You Could Imagine

    The brute stupidity and utter selfishness of Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner have once again come into sharp focus. But nestled into the more familiar allegations of wasting tax-payer money in the latest report are the surprising appearances of former President Barack Obama and an “unpleasant” bathroom mess. The Washington Post on Thursday revealed that

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  • Reimagining the World: Agroecology and Post-COVID Plunder

    Contingent on World Bank aid to be given to poorer countries in the wake of coronavirus lockdowns, agrifood conglomerates will aim to further expand their influence. These firms have been integral to the consolidation of a global food regime that has emerged in recent decades based on chemical- and proprietary-input-dependent agriculture which incurs massive externalised The post Reimagining the World: Agroecology and Post-COVID Plunder first appeared on Dissident Voice.

  • The Country Where Liberty Is a Statue

    On 6 January, the world witnessed an interesting spectacle, an assortment of what appeared to be characters from fantasy television shows taking possession of the US Capitol, where the legislature sits. The post The Country Where Liberty Is a Statue first appeared on Dissident Voice.

  • Israel is losing the fight to obscure its apartheid character

    For more than a decade, a handful of former Israeli politicians and US diplomats identified with what might be termed the “peace process industry” have intermittently warned that, without a two-state solution, Israel is in danger of becoming an “apartheid state”. The most notable among them include Ehud Barak and Ehud Olmert, two former Israeli prime The post Israel is losing the fight to obscure its apartheid character first appeared on Dissident Voice.

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  • Bibi and Jonathan Pollard: Two Anti-American Peas in Their Own Pod

    Last month, the New York Times described the hero’s welcome in Israel for Jonathan Pollard, who served 30 years in jail for spying for Israel, as “relatively subdued.”  In view of the fact that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu led this “subdued” reception, it is time to throw some shade on Bibi and Jonathan.  After all, the United States has supplied Israeli with huge amounts of military and economic aid as well as intelligence support over the years with very little return. More The post Bibi and Jonathan Pollard: Two Anti-American Peas in Their Own Pod appeared first on CounterPunch.org.

  • Ripe for Fascism: A Post-Coup d’Trump Autopsy of American Democracy

    For the past few years, the corporate/establishment news media oft analyzed Donald Trump’s presidency in an historical vacuum, ignoring the decades-long, bipartisan embrace of neoliberalism that helped bring about his successful candidacy while focusing sensationally on his cult of reality TV personality. Such bread and circus tunnel vision misses the bigger picture. Trump, even with all his faults, is a symptom of a much larger pattern brought on by increased privatization of the public sphere, especially in the realms of education and media, which go back over half a century, particularly the past forty years. More The post Ripe for Fascism: A Post-Coup d’Trump Autopsy of American Democracy appeared first on CounterPunch.org.

  • Department of Redundancy: Trump Racks Up Another Impeachment

    A little over a year ago I wrote about the impeachment trial of Donald Trump.  I'm writing about his second impeachment now.  In my writing, I noted that last year's impeachment hearings showed a Congress split between those who believed in bourgeois law and those who tended towards fascism.  On January 6, 2021, Donald Trump encouraged a crowd of trumpists to attack the US Capitol building.  I agree with those who argue that that would not have happened if the Senate had done its job a year ago and impeached their leader. More The post Department of Redundancy: Trump Racks Up Another Impeachment appeared first on CounterPunch.org.

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  • A Defense of the Peaceful Transfer of War-Making Power

    Prussian general and military theorist Carl von Clausevitz famously said that “war is a continuation of politics by other means.” I think we can reverse this: politics is war by other means. The ultimate aim of politics (in the narrow sense of the word; there’s a more elevated philosophical sense) is what Frederic Bastiat called … Continue reading "A Defense of the Peaceful Transfer of War-Making Power" The post A Defense of the Peaceful Transfer of War-Making Power appeared first on Antiwar.com Original.


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