• Protest Song Of The Week: ‘We Won’t Go Back’ By MILCK

    MILCK's latest protest anthem was the result of attending a pro-choice rally on the steps of the Supreme Court in DC, just prior to the court overturning Roe v. Wade. The tune features samples of protesters shouting, "We won't go back!" The post Protest Song Of The Week: ‘We Won’t Go Back’ By MILCK appeared first on Shadowproof.

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  • DOJ Sues Arizona Over “Textbook Violation” of Election Law

    The Department of Justice filed a suit yesterday against an Arizona law that will require people to provide proof of citizenship to vote by mail or in federal elections. Assistant Attorney General Kristen Clarke called the law a “textbook violation of the National Voter Registration Act.” Ever since the Supreme Court gutted the Voting Rights Act in 2013—and

  • My Daughter Ran. My Father Was Shot. I’ll Never Forget the Strangers Who Helped Us.

    For years, Allison Kamen has had a birthday tradition: the Fourth of July parade at her parents’ town of Highland Park, Illinois, followed by a barbecue and fireworks. This year was particularly special since it was her 50th. She drove with her husband and nine-year-old daughter from their home in Evanston, a half hour away,

  • If Republicans Retake Congress In November, Here’s What Their Agenda Will Look Like

    During a press conference earlier this year, a reporter asked Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell about how Republicans would govern if they reclaimed both congressional chambers in the upcoming midterm elections.  “That is a very good question,” McConnell replied. “And I’ll let you know when we take it back.” But you don’t have to wait

  • Wendy Davis Reflects on the End of Roe Nearly a Decade After Her Iconic Filibuster

    In June 2013, when Texas state Sen. Wendy Davis held a remarkable 11-hour filibuster that delayed one of the most devastating state-level abortion restrictions in recent history, she created something of an iconic moment for abortion rights—which also marked one of the last high-profile points of success, though fleeting, for the movement.  “I just couldn’t

  • When Abortion Was Illegal, Adoption Was a Cruel Industry. Are We Returning to Those Days?

    A few weeks ago, before the final decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization which ended the constitutional right to an abortion, I downloaded the audio version of American Baby: A Mother, A Child, and the Shadow History of Adoption by the journalist Gabrielle Glaser. Glaser’s book details the history of what became known

Dissident Voice

  • Why There Is No Public Sense Of A Climate Crisis

    Rousseau wrote: We have physicists, geometricians, chemists, astronomers, poets, musicians and painters in plenty; but no longer have a citizen among us. Increasingly, now, we do have citizens among us: scientists – particularly, climate scientists – who are awakening from their ‘mainstream’ slumber to the reality that they are citizens of a decaying society on The post Why There Is No Public Sense Of A Climate Crisis first appeared on Dissident Voice.

  • Future Dating

    A humorous look at human-nonhuman relations. The post Future Dating first appeared on Dissident Voice.

  • AUKUS Submarines: Beasts of Nuclear Proliferation

    When faced with the option of acquiring nuclear technology, states have rarely refused.  Since the splitting of the atom and the deployment of atomic weapons in war, the acquisition of a nuclear capacity has been a dream.  Those who did acquire it, in turn, tried to restrict others from joining what has become, over the The post AUKUS Submarines: Beasts of Nuclear Proliferation first appeared on Dissident Voice.

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