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  • COMMENTARY: Critical Race Theory

    Critical race theory (CRT) is an academic movement of civil rights scholars and activists in the United States who seek to critically examine the law as it intersects with issues of race and to challenge mainstream liberal approaches to racial justice. Critical race theory examines social, cultural and legal issues as they relate to race and racism. Critical race theory originated in the mid-1970s in the writings of

  • Trump struggles to find a challenger to Kemp in Georgia

    Donald Trump‘s plans to play GOP kingmaker are being disrupted by one of his most loyal supporters in Georgia. In early May at Mar-a-Lago, Trump met with Georgia state Sen. Burt Jones and Jones’ father, a wealthy pro-Trump donor, and said he wanted the younger Jones to run for governor against Brian Kemp in the Republican primary. With the former

  • Embiid and Harris power Sixers past Hawks, take 2-1 series lead

    Game three in the second-round series between the Philadelphia 76ers and the Atlanta Hawks featured Joel Embiid drawing his fair share of fouls, which continually drew the ire of the sold-out State Farm Arena crowd. However, he’d continue to dominate in the painted area, as the Sixers would pull away from Atlanta 127-111, to take a 2-1 lead in the

  • Wierson and Honan: The Democratic Party is drunk on spiked progressive Kool-Aid

    West Virginia Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin has emerged as the progressives’ new favorite politician to attack. Their frustrations with Manchin are largely fueled by his refusal to both support the For the People Act, a comprehensive voting rights and campaign finance reform bill, and to kill the filibuster, which threatens to undermine President Joe Biden’s efforts to pass any significant

  • Justice Department watchdog to investigate data seizure as House Democrats discuss impacts of leak probe

    The Justice Department’s inspector general will investigate the department’s handling of a leak investigation into former President Donald Trump’s political enemies that included a subpoena to collect metadata of lawmakers, staff and some family members, the office announced Friday. The request comes as House Intelligence Committee Democrats held a briefing led by Chairman Adam Schiff. A source said that members

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