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  • ‘Whatever it takes’: Biden and McCarthy’s tense journey to debt deal

    Like the deal they crafted, the relationship the president and House speaker forged does not look pretty but appears to have gotten the job doneWhen Kevin McCarthy was struggling early this year to get enough votes from his own Republicans to become speaker of the House of Representatives, Democratic president Joe Biden called the prolonged saga a national embarrassment, then had a little fun.“I’ve got good news for you,” Biden said, pointing playfully at a reporter after a speech in Kentucky. “They just elected you speaker.” Continue reading...

  • US debt ceiling deal: what’s in and out of Biden and McCarthy’s agreement

    Speaker Kevin McCarthy says the House will vote Wednesday on the deal he struck with the president – here are the details of the 99-page bill Details of the deal between Joe Biden and Kevin McCarthy take the form of a 99-page bill that would suspend the nation’s debt limit into 2025 in order to avoid an unprecedented federal default, which the White House said on Monday would be “catastrophic for the American people”, while limiting government spending.The Democratic president and Republican House speaker are trying to win over lawmakers to the plan in time to avert a default that would shake the global economy. But Congress will be scrutinizing and debating the legislation fiercely this week. Continue reading...

  • Biden hails debt ceiling deal and urges lawmakers to pass agreement

    President says deal struck with Kevin McCarthy protects ‘historic economic recovery’ but it needs approval from a divided CongressJoe Biden has said a bipartisan deal to raise the $31.4tn US debt ceiling and avoid a default is ready to move to Congress and urged lawmakers to pass the agreement he struck with Kevin McCarthy.“This is a deal that’s good news for ... the American people,” the president said at the White House on Sunday night after a call with McCarthy to put the final touches to a tentative deal struck the previous day. “It takes the threat of catastrophic default off the table, protects our hard-earned and historic economic recovery,” he said. Continue reading...

  • Democrats’ Dianne Feinstein dilemma: party split over senator’s diminishing health

    Questions around 89-year-old senator’s cognitive abilities pit lawmakers against each other amid calls for her to step downThe Democratic party is facing an internal rift over how to handle the diminishing abilities of one of their own. There is open debate within the party over whether 89-year-old Senator Dianne Feinstein, whose health and cognitive abilities have come into question after a two-and-a-half month absence due to shingles and other medical complications, should resign.Questions over Feinstein’s ability to effectively represent California, the most populous US state, have been a sensitive issue for Democrats going back years. As her diminishing health plays out in the public eye there is a renewed urgency to the situation. […]

  • Texas’s use of ‘invasion’ clause against immigrants is racist and dangerous, rights groups say

    Republican governor Greg Abbott invoked state clause after likening migrants to a public foreign enemy, but legal experts say it’s ‘unprecedented and extreme’Texas is challenging federal control of policy on the US-Mexico border by exploiting what it sees as a constitutional loophole around the definition of an “invasion” but that migrants rights activists see as dangerously ramping up fears with racist language.Immigration policy has long been under the purview of the US federal government – not individual states – since the US supreme court ruled so in a landmark United States v Arizona case in 2012. Continue reading...


Inside Climate News

  • How Dueling PDFs Explain a Fight Over the Future of the Grid

    In a wide, stone-walled hearing room at the Indiana Statehouse, a person speaking against a bill about who will get to build power transmission lines in the state explains that “a recent report from Brattle economists” shows the folly of the proposal at hand. Soon after, a person who favors the bill says a report

  • SunZia Southwest Transmission Project Receives Final Federal Approval

    The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) issued its record of decision last week for the SunZia Southwest Transmission Project, a precursor to its final right-of-way grant required for construction on federal lands, which is expected in the next month or so.  The SunZia transmission line will traverse approximately 520 miles of federal, state and private


Quanta Magazine

  • The Physicist Who Glues Together Universes

    Renate Loll has helped pioneer a radically new approach to quantum gravity. She assumes that the fabric of space-time is a blend of all possible fabrics, and she has developed the computational tools needed to calculate the far-reaching implications of that assumption. The post The Physicist Who Glues Together Universes first appeared on Quanta Magazine

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The Marshall Project

Daily Yonder

  • At 33,000 and Counting, Tennessee Is Documenting Historic Cemeteries in Statewide Database 

    In 2019, a contractor working for the developer of two Tennessee businesses bulldozed a historic cemetery, scraping old tombstones off graves and dumping them in a large pile of dirt and stones. A cemetery preservationist, arriving at the site to help maintain the Rutherford County cemetery, discovered the demolition and alerted authorities. The work, preparing The post At 33,000 and Counting, Tennessee Is Documenting Historic Cemeteries in Statewide Database  appeared first on The Daily Yonder.

  • Weird and Wondrous American Byways

    Turns out taking the scenic route can pay big dividends, for both traveler and towns along the trail. Look no further than these popular byways for proof. The post Weird and Wondrous American Byways appeared first on The Daily Yonder.

  • Q&A: Organizing a Music Festival, Underground

    Editor’s Note: This interview first appeared in Path Finders, an email newsletter from the Daily Yonder. Each week, Path Finders features a Q&A with a rural thinker, creator, or doer. Like what you see here? You can join the mailing list at the bottom of this article and receive more conversations like this in your inbox each week. The post Q&A: Organizing a Music Festival, Underground appeared first on The Daily Yonder.

Fair Observer

  • Even at 100, Henry Kissinger’s Legacy Is Frightening

    As the world commemorates the 100th birth anniversary of Henry Kissinger, it is crucial to examine the lasting impact of his foreign policy decisions. Often hailed as a master strategist and diplomat, Kissinger’s legacy is far from the pristine image painted by his supporters. Beneath the veneer of sophistication and realpolitik, his approach to international… Continue reading Even at 100, Henry Kissinger’s Legacy Is Frightening The post Even at 100, Henry Kissinger’s Legacy Is Frightening appeared first on Fair Observer.

  • Can ChatGPT Really Write Now?

    For a 21st century invention, our reactions to ChatGPT and its succeeding clones have been reflective of the times too— superficial, irreverent, and unwise. While many critics of such tools have pointed out that AI writing is nothing more than stringing together of sentences which ultimately lack meaning and insight, the chorus around their potential… Continue reading Can ChatGPT Really Write Now? The post Can ChatGPT Really Write Now? appeared first on Fair Observer.

  • Breakfast with Chad: When AI Fails to Defend Its Own Integrity

    Yesterday I read an article citing the winner of the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize, Maria Ressa, founder of online news site Rappler. She warned that “AI would allow ‘bad actors’ to stoke more online hate and violence that could spill over to the real world, prettify the resumes of despots, and serve up even more… Continue reading Breakfast with Chad: When AI Fails to Defend Its Own Integrity The post Breakfast with Chad: When AI Fails to Defend Its Own Integrity appeared first on Fair Observer.


  • Resource-rich countries find it pays to pay landholders to protect their land

    The Osa Peninsula on Costa Rica’s west coast occupies just 0.001% of the planet’s surface area, yet is home to an estimated 2.5% of all the biodiversity in the world. Inhabited by jaguar, tapir and close to 400 species of birds, the forests here — and others like them around the world — combat biodiversity loss and play a key role in capturing carbon and fighting climate change. […]

The Trace

  • Illinois Legislators Want to Expand Prison Alternatives for Gun Possession

    In May 2019, 20-year-old John was charged with possessing a weapon, a felony in Illinois. Police officers found a gun and John’s ID in an abandoned home next to his sister’s house in Chicago’s Englewood neighborhood. John says he has never owned a gun and didn’t know how his ID ended up there. While out The post Illinois Legislators Want to Expand Prison Alternatives for Gun Possession appeared first on The Trace.

  • Appeals Court Partially Blocks ATF’s Pistol Brace Rule

    A federal appeals court has temporarily blocked the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives from fully enforcing a new rule regulating guns equipped with pistol braces, a popular gun accessory that has been used in some recent mass shootings. The scope of the court’s injunction is likely to be limited, however, and is unlikely The post Appeals Court Partially Blocks ATF’s Pistol Brace Rule appeared first on The Trace.

  • What If the CDC Could Track Gun Violence Like a Virus?

    This story is the first issue of our newsletter The Trajectory. Subscribe here or below to get future editions in your inbox. Last week, when I told my friends and family that I was heading to Milwaukee to attend the National Violent Death Reporting System Conference, I was met with some version of the same The post What If the CDC Could Track Gun Violence Like a Virus? appeared first on The Trace.

Fair Warning

    Yale Environment 360

    The Appeal


    • Pharma Ally Kurt Schrader Cashes In on K Street

      Former Democratic Rep. Kurt Schrader, a prominent ally of Big Pharma while in Congress, has joined a K Street lobbying firm with a heavy roster of pharmaceutical industry clients. Schrader, who was defeated last year in an Oregon primary by attorney Jamie McLeod-Skinner, became a principal at lobbying firm Williams & Jensen, according to an


    Democracy Now!

    Common Dreams

    • Debt Ceiling Bill Spells Disaster for People and the Planet

      Congress has released its debt ceiling agreement, which includes a slew of problematic provisions. In addition to attacking bedrock environmental laws like the National Environmental Policy Act, the legislation also forces the completion of the Mountain Valley Pipeline, a gas project previously denied permits for a variety of water-quality and environmental justice concerns. Ariel Moger, Government and Political Affairs Director at Friends of the Earth, released the following statement: "President Biden has betrayed the American people. After initially proclaiming he wouldn't negotiate on the debt ceiling, he gifted MAGA extremists legislation filled with polluter giveaways and devastating spending limitations. Even Senator Manchin, who has done as much as Republicans to sabotage the Democratic agenda, has been rewarded with the forced approval of his pet project, the Mountain Valley Pipeline. This agreement is far from a compromise. It’s a surrender to Big Oil and Republican hostage-takers in Congress. Democrats should vote NO on this disgraceful deal and force a vote on a clean debt limit increase."

    • Sierra Club Calls on Congress to Reject the Bad Debt Limit Deal

      After weeks of Republicans threatening to default on America’s debts for extreme cuts in spending and fossil fuel industry handouts, Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy and President Biden agreed to a deal to raise the country’s debt ceiling. The deal will expedite the fracked gas Mountain Valley Pipeline by authorizing every permit, certificate, and analysis required by Federal environmental laws, mandating that the Army Corps issue a permit within 21 days of enactment, and precluding judicial review. The agreement needlessly undermines parts of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), a bedrock environmental law. The deal also caps funding for agencies that protect our air, water, and the climate and will make it harder for those in need to get food assistance by expanding work requirements. In response, Sierra Club Executive Director Ben Jealous released the following statement: “The Sierra Club calls on Congress to reject this deal and swiftly pass a clean bill. Any deal that attempts to expedite the fracked gas Mountain Valley Pipeline, that rolls back bedrock environmental protections, and makes life harder for workers and families already struggling is a bad deal for the country. Congressional Republicans held America hostage while refusing to do the basic and fundamental work of paying America’s bills. We deserve better. President Biden committed—repeatedly—to doing better. Passing a clean debt ceiling is a simple and well-established approach Congress has employed—and should have done again months ago.”

    • Biden's Debt Ceiling Deal Betrays the Environment and Clean Energy

      The details of a debt ceiling/spending deal between President Biden and Speaker Kevin McCarthy include a number of provisions that would fast-track new fossil fuel development, including swift actions to bolster approval of the controversial Mountain Valley Pipeline, weakening of the National Environmental Policy Act, and freezing of the budget for the Environmental Protection Agency. In response, Food & Water Watch Managing Director of Policy and Litigation Mitch Jones issued the following statement:“In entering into this ill-conceived negotiation with extremist House Republicans, President Biden set himself up for this disastrous result—legislation that would fast-track climate-killing fossil fuels and cut the legs out of cornerstone environmental protections which have existed for decades. If this bad deal goes through, President Biden’s legacy on the environment and clean energy will be irreversibly scarred. “Congress must reject these egregious handouts to the fossil fuel industry and start fresh to quickly pass a clean debt limit increase that excludes the political wish list of hostage-taking Republican extremists.”

    Labor Notes

    • Biden Labor Board Restores Right to Use Heated Language

      In a landmark May Day ruling called Lion Elastomers, the National Labor Relations Board restored the rights of union representatives to use heated language, including occasional profanity, during arguments with management. The Board ordered employer Lion Elastomers to reinstate steward Joseph Colone with full back pay going back to a 2018 discharge.

    Next City

    • The Weekly Wrap: New York City’s Right To Shelter

      (Photo by MTA / CC BY 2.0)Welcome to The Weekly Wrap, our round up of stories that explain the problems oppressing people in cities and elevate the solutions bringing us closer to economic, environmental and social justice. Have news or an event that should be in The Weekly Wrap? Email us […]

    • A New Digital Legal Tool Helps Immigrant Workers Reclaim Their Stolen Wages

      In the fall of 2018, Rodrigo Camarena caught an article in El Diario La Prensa, a Spanish-language newspaper in New York City, detailing the increase of wage theft for immigrant workers. One worker told the paper their employer threatened to call immigration services if they complained about not […]

    • A Lawsuit That’s Forcing L.A. To Enforce Its Housing Voucher Discrimination Ban

      Robert Gardner has used a federal Section 8 housing voucher since 2010. In 2021, when someone broke into his apartment, the now-32-year-old reached out to a Section 8 counselor and secured a new Section 8 voucher that allowed him to move to a different neighborhood. But every time Gardner tried […]

    The World – PRI

    Latino USA

    • Restaurant Royalty: Zarela and Aarón

      For mother and son chefs Zarela Martínez and Aarón Sánchez, educating others about the cuisines that make up Mexico is... The post Restaurant Royalty: Zarela and Aarón appeared first on Latino USA.

    • Julieta Venegas’ Search for a Simple Life

      Julieta Venegas mostly lives away from the spotlight. She made this decision consciously. In her small apartment in Buenos Aires,... The post Julieta Venegas’ Search for a Simple Life appeared first on Latino USA.

    • José Ralat, Taco Editor

      José Ralat has a job title that might leave some foodies with envy. Ralat travels around the U.S. and Mexico... The post José Ralat, Taco Editor appeared first on Latino USA.


      Amnesty International

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      Unicorn Riot

      • Palestinian Khader Adnan Dies on Hunger Strike in Israeli Prison

        Magen-Nitzan Prison, Ramla, Israel — On his 87th day of hunger strike protesting administrative detention, Palestinian prisoner Khader Adnan, 45, was found unresponsive in Israel’s Magen-Nitzan Prison. Later the same day — May 2, 2023 — political leaders, released prisoners, family members and prisoner’s rights… The post Palestinian Khader Adnan Dies on Hunger Strike in Israeli Prison appeared first on UNICORN RIOT.


      • Beautiful!

        Two filmmakers, awaiting the result of a pregnancy test, take turns recording their experiences in this honest, intimate short - by Aeon Video Watch at Aeon

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