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Inter Press Service

The Guardian

  • New York signs parental control of ‘addictive’ social media feeds into law

    Bills signed by Kathy Hochul lets parents restrict children from suggested posts and adds limits on use of minors’ dataNew York’s governor, Kathy Hochul, signed two bills into law on Thursday meant to mitigate negative impacts of social media on children, the latest action to address what critics say is a growing youth mental health crisis.The first bill will require that parents be able to stop their children from seeing posts suggested by a social network’s algorithm, a move to limit feeds Hochul argues are addictive. The second will put additional limitations on the collection, use, sharing and selling of personal data of anyone under the age of 18. Continue reading...

  • Supreme court to release more decisions Friday after upholding Trump-era tax rule on foreign income – as it happened

    This live blog is now closed. For the latest on the supreme court, you can read our full report:US supreme court rules against Washington couple in foreign investment taxation caseLouisiana’s governor Jeff Landry just signed legislation to require public classrooms display the Ten Commandments – setting up a clash over the separation of church and state that seems destined for the courts.The Republican governor invoked Moses yesterday, as he signed the bill: Continue reading...

  • Race to unseat New York progressive ‘most expensive House primary ever’

    Aipac breaks its own record to back George Latimer against incumbent fellow Democrat Jamaal BowmanThe primary for New York’s 16th congressional district, which takes place on Tuesday, has drawn record-breaking spending, with the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (Aipac) and a crypto-currency Super Pac behind the lion’s share of the funding.AdImpact, a group tracking political advertisements, reported earlier this week that the race between the incumbent progressive representative Jamaal Bowman and his challenger, George Latimer, has become “the most expensive House primary ever”, with more than $23m spent on ads so far. Continue reading...

  • Democrats move to repeal 1873 law they say could pave way for national abortion ban

    The Comstock Act, largely unenforced in recent history, could be used to restrict abortion drugs in post-Roe USDemocrats introduced legislation on Thursday to repeal a 19th-century anti-obscenity law that bans mailing abortion-related materials, amid growing worries that anti-abortion activists will use the law to implement a federal abortion ban.The bill to repeal the Comstock Act was introduced by the Minnesota Democratic senator Tina Smith, whose office provided a draft copy of the legislation to the Guardian. The Massachusetts senator Elizabeth Warren and Nevada senator Catherine Cortez Masto also back the bill, according to the Washington Post, which first reported the news of Smith’s plans. Companion legislation was also set to be […]

  • The Guardian view on Putin and Kim: an alarming new pact needs close attention | Editorial

    The revival of ties between Russia and North Korea is prompted by events outside Asia, but the best hopes of containment may lie within the regionA shiny, sanctions-busting Russian limousine for Kim Jong-un. A fawning, rapturous reception for Vladimir Putin. These grand gestures may be welcomed by the North Korean and Russian leaders, but are intended as much for their global audience as for each other. The real prize is the strategic partnership treaty that they signed during Mr Putin’s first visit to Pyongyang since 2000. The question is what it will mean in practical terms.The relationship has been reinvigorated by events outside Asia, but hopes of containing it lie within the region. The proximate cause is evidently Russia’s […]


  • Can state-level green amendments protect from rollbacks in federal regulations?

    A proposed state constitutional amendment introduced in the Michigan House in April  would put the right to clean air, water, soil and a stable climate on par with other fundamental liberties like the freedoms of speech and religion. The Michigan Green Amendment, introduced by Rep. Rachel Hood (D-Grand Rapids), follows the passage of amendments in Pennsylvania, Montana and New York that have […]

The Marshall Project

Fair Observer

  • FO° Crucible: Money Matters in a Multipolar World, Part 5

    As has become clearer in recent months, any discussion of the dollar and its place in the history of the late twentieth and early twenty-first century must take into account a curious entity that emerged exactly 50 years ago: the petrodollar. Alex opened the debate with the following message: Shortly after our email exchange I… Continue reading FO° Crucible: Money Matters in a Multipolar World, Part 5 The post FO° Crucible: Money Matters in a Multipolar World, Part 5 appeared first on Fair Observer.

  • FO° Talks: Make Sense of the Metaverse, Its Promise and Peril

    Webster’s dictionary defines “metaverse” as “a persistent virtual environment that allows access to … multiple individual virtual realities.” In truth, though, there is no static definition. Much like the internet, the metaverse is constantly evolving. In just a decade, the internet morphed from an army research project into the birthplace of emails; soon afterward, a… Continue reading FO° Talks: Make Sense of the Metaverse, Its Promise and Peril The post FO° Talks: Make Sense of the Metaverse, Its Promise and Peril appeared first on Fair Observer.

  • A Trip to Dubai, Future Voices and a Touch of Story

    The path to the future is littered with soapboxes strewn across the global landscape by LinkedIn leaders and those who have mastered the art of commercializing ideas. Over the centuries, political figures, playwrights, poets, activists and now AI architects have claimed hegemony over our destiny, positing that they have seen what our future will be.… Continue reading A Trip to Dubai, Future Voices and a Touch of Story The post A Trip to Dubai, Future Voices and a Touch of Story appeared first on Fair Observer.


  • Peruvian tips for public speaking

    Why the author Daniel Alarcón likes to read a curious little Peruvian book of speeches and toasts when he’s feeling homesick - by Aeon Video Watch at Aeon



Unicorn Riot

  • Support UR’s Upcoming RNC/DNC Convention Coverage

    As election season heats up in the U.S., Unicorn Riot is gearing up to cover the upcoming 2024 RNC/DNC conventions, and we need your support to help us provide an independent voice on the ground! The post Support UR’s Upcoming RNC/DNC Convention Coverage appeared first on UNICORN RIOT.


Democracy Now!

  • Democracy Now! 2024-06-20 Thursday

    Headlines for June 20, 2024; Meet Nadia Milleron: Her Daughter Was Killed in 2019 Boeing Crash, Now She’s Running for Congress; Pentagon Ran a Secret Anti-Vax Campaign to Undermine China at the Height of the Pandemic: Reuters; First Illinois Latina Rep. Praises Biden’s New Immigration Executive Order But Slams Border Shutdown; “Congress Is Not for Sale”: Rep. Ramirez Slams AIPAC-Led Campaign Against Jamaal Bowman in NY Primary

Latino USA

    Yale Environment 360

    • Could the Global Boom in Greenhouses Help Cool the Planet?

      As agricultural greenhouses proliferate, researchers are finding that their reflective roofs are having a cooling effect. Some experts see this as an unintended experiment with lessons for cooling cities, but others point to the environmental damage that greenhouses can cause.Read more on E360 →

    The Appeal


      Inside Climate News

      • California’s Bay Area is Heating Up. Its Infrastructure Isn’t Designed For It

        The San Francisco Bay Area is set to endure its first heat wave of the year this month. On June 4, the National Weather Service warned of temperatures touching 100 in the coming weeks. As temperatures across the world rise, each summer is becoming hotter and hotter. Especially in the Bay Area, where summers have

      • How Can Solar Farms Defend Against Biblical-Level Hailstorms?

        When a baseball-size hailstone slams into a solar panel at more than 90 mph, the result is not pretty. We saw this in March, when a hailstorm decimated parts of the 350-megawatt Fighting Jays solar project in southeast Texas. Images circulated on social media and in news coverage of thousands of panels pockmarked with white


      The Conversation

      The Trace

      • What It Took to Analyze a Decade of Shootings Near U.S. Schools

        On June 18, we published a story about how frequently shootings happen near schools across the United States. The story was based on our analysis of 10 years of data from the Gun Violence Archive as well as records from other sources. Here’s how we did it: Data on shootings The Trace analysis accessed the The post What It Took to Analyze a Decade of Shootings Near U.S. Schools appeared first on The Trace.

      • Chicago Expands Pilot Program to Help Gun Violence Survivors Cover Their Costs

        The City of Chicago plans to announce today that it will expand a program that helps Chicagoans and their families cover the unexpected costs that arise in the immediate aftermath of a shooting or a homicide, a city official told The Trace.  The program, which is limited to five neighborhoods, was set to expire when The post Chicago Expands Pilot Program to Help Gun Violence Survivors Cover Their Costs appeared first on The Trace.

      • Avoiding a Legal Battle, the ATF Has Released Near-Unprecedented Gun Trafficking Data

        The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives has released records detailing the origin of guns smuggled from the United States to Mexico and Central America, marking just the second time in more than 20 years that the agency has disclosed the contents of its firearms tracing database.  The records form the basis of a The post Avoiding a Legal Battle, the ATF Has Released Near-Unprecedented Gun Trafficking Data appeared first on The Trace.

      Quanta Magazine

      • How Is Science Even Possible?

        How are scientists able to crack fundamental questions about nature and life? How does math make the complex cosmos understandable? In this episode, the physicist Nigel Goldenfeld and co-host Steven Strogatz explore the deep foundations of the scientific process. The post How Is Science Even Possible? first appeared on Quanta Magazine

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