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The Guardian

  • Joe Biden says Omicron Covid variant a ‘cause for concern, not panic’ – as it happened

    President: ‘We’re going to fight and beat this new variant’Biden says best protection is to get vaccinated and boostedSign up to receive First Thing – our daily briefing by email“If you are 18 years and older and got fully vaccinated before 1 June go get the get booster shot today,” Joe Biden said today. “They’re free and they’re available at 80,000 locations coast to coast. A fully vaccinated booster person is the most protected against Covid.“Do not wait. Go get your booster if it’s time for you to do so. And if you are not vaccinated, now is the time to go get vaccinated and to bring your children to go get vaccinated.” Continue reading...

  • Omar and Boebert have ‘unproductive’ call after anti-Muslim remarks

    Ilhan Omar says she ended the call after Lauren Boebert ‘doubled down on her rhetoric’Ilhan Omar said she had an “unproductive” call with Lauren Boebert on Monday regarding the Colorado rightwinger’s Islamophobic comments that she made towards the Minnesota Democrat last week.In a new statement released on Monday, Omar said she “graciously accepted a call from Rep. Lauren Boebert in the hope of receiving a direct apology for falsely claiming she met me in an elevator, suggesting I was a terrorist, and for a history of anti-Muslim hate”. Continue reading...

  • Capitol riot panel to vote for contempt charges against Trump DoJ official

    Committee to recommend criminal prosecution of Jeffrey ClarkClark defied subpoena and refused to turn over documentsThe House select committee investigating the Capitol attack announced on Monday that it will vote to recommend the criminal prosecution of top former Trump justice department official Jeffrey Clark after he defied a subpoena seeking his cooperation with the inquiry.The move to pursue contempt of Congress charges against Clark reflects the select committee’s aggressive approach to warn recalcitrant witnesses against attempting to derail their investigation as Trump tried during his administration. Continue reading...

  • Biden advises ‘concern, not panic’ over Omicron and says no to lockdowns

    President says boosters and vaccines are best protection against variant and that additional restrictions are not requiredCoronavirus: live coverageJoe Biden on Monday said the new Omicron variant of the coronavirus was a “cause for concern, not a cause for panic”, as the US implemented restrictions on travel from South Africa and several other countries.In remarks from the White House, Biden urged all Americans to get vaccinated, including booster shots, saying it was the best protection against the new variant. Continue reading...

  • Trump’s ‘fact-free’ approach caused briefing challenges, CIA report says

    Ex-president’s chaotic style resulted in presidential daily briefing being delivered more regularly to Mike PenceDonald Trump’s “fact-free” approach to the presidency created unprecedented challenges for intelligence officials responsible for briefing him, according to a newly released account from the CIA.The 45th president’s chaotic and freewheeling style, and his disinclination to read anything put in front of him, resulted in the presidential daily briefing, or PDB – a crucial security update including information about potential threats to the US – being delivered more regularly to Vice-President Mike Pence instead, the report states. Continue reading...


Inside Climate News


Quanta Magazine

  • Wildfires of Varying Intensity Can Be Good for Biodiversity

    The spate of furious wildfires around the world during the past decade has revealed to ecologists how much biodiversity and “pyrodiversity” go hand in hand. The post Wildfires of Varying Intensity Can Be Good for Biodiversity first appeared on Quanta Magazine

The Real News Network

The Marshall Project

  • Tackling a Huge Taboo: Sexual Desire Behind Bars

    On the outside, most discussions about incarceration and sexual desire are limited to exploitative “reality” shows, violent movies and terrible jokes about homosexuality and prison rape. But like all humans, we deserve some semblance of dignity.

Daily Yonder

  • Now, Your Support for the Daily Yonder Goes Even Further

    My mother-in-law was a journalist. When I met Helen Pickering, she was writing for the Palo Alto Weekly. But she got her start as editor-in-chief of the Stanford Daily, taking over the college’s paper when the boys were sent off to World War II. One of those boys turned out to be Joe Pickering, whom The post Now, Your Support for the Daily Yonder Goes Even Further appeared first on The Daily Yonder.

  • Residents Question Plans for Low-Altitude Military Training in Rural Pennsylvania

    UPDATED to reflect deadline extension for public comment on the Maryland Air National Guard’s Draft Environmental Assessment. Residents are questioning the time table and environmental impact of a proposal by the Maryland Air National Guard to perform low-altitude military training over a region that is an outdoor recreation destination and home to Amish communities in The post Residents Question Plans for Low-Altitude Military Training in Rural Pennsylvania appeared first on The Daily Yonder.

  • Accidental Rancher: Blessings Peppered with Curses

    “If we get heavy snow this winter, we are in real trouble,” a neighbor says. “And if we don’t get heavy snow, we are in real trouble…”  “True,” my husband replies, nodding his head. “What does that mean?” I ask my husband in private later.  “Because of the drought, everybody’s got just barely enough hay The post Accidental Rancher: Blessings Peppered with Curses appeared first on The Daily Yonder.

Fair Observer


    • Look what’s on the conservation horizon

      It’s no secret that the diversity of life around us is plummeting fast. In 2020 alone, scientists declared more than 100 species to be extinct. And that’s bad news not only for the creatures themselves, but for those of us (that would be all of us) who rely on them for food, to produce oxygen, to hold soil in place, to cleanse water, to beautify our world and so much more. According to the […]

    The Trace

    • ‘Outrageous’: California Lawmakers Slam Police for Failing to Use Gun Database

      Several California lawmakers have vowed to act after an investigation by The Trace and NBC Bay Area found widespread problems with how police and sheriff’s departments were logging firearms into a crime gun database. “It is outrageous and upsetting when agencies don’t do their job, period. In this case, it is a matter of life The post ‘Outrageous’: California Lawmakers Slam Police for Failing to Use Gun Database appeared first on The Trace.

    • Accusations of Cronyism Plague the ATF’s Gun Ballistics Program

      Six years ago, an internal report commissioned by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives issued a dire warning: The agency needed to open a long-standing, sole-source ballistics contract with a company based in Canada to competitors, or risk losing one of its most important tools for preventing and solving gun crimes.  The report The post Accusations of Cronyism Plague the ATF’s Gun Ballistics Program appeared first on The Trace.

    • Gunmaker Under ATF Scrutiny Over Connections to Jimenez Arms

      The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives is revisiting its decision to license the successor to Jimenez Arms, a notorious Nevada-based gunmaker. Jimenez Arms declared bankruptcy in 2020 amid mounting legal troubles for its dealings with a now-convicted gun trafficker.  In a federal court filing, the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of The post Gunmaker Under ATF Scrutiny Over Connections to Jimenez Arms appeared first on The Trace.

    Fair Warning

    • FairWarning Signing Off; Statements by Our Board and Editor

      The board of FairWarning, a nonprofit devoted to alerting the public to hazardous consumer products and unjust corporate practices, has decided to dissolve the charitable nonprofit as of Feb. 20, 2021. This step is taken with regret as the small journalism nonprofit has devoted the last 11 years to protecting the public from harms to their health and safety.

    Yale Environment 360

    The Appeal


    • Health Insurance and Pharma Lobbyists Max Out to the Dem Party

      Eight months after President Biden released his domestic agenda, the social spending package included in the Build Back Better Act is now being considered in the Senate, after a version of it passed the House on Nov. 19 by a vote of 220 to 213. The Senate is likely to change the bill before holding


      Democracy Now!

      • Democracy Now! 2021-11-29 Monday

        As the new Omicron coronavirus variant is identified by scientists in South Africa, health leaders say now is the time to finally address vaccine inequity; Black Lives Matter co-founder Alicia Garza on the "guilty" verdict for Ahmaud Arbery’s killers; Calls grow to drop the charges against Chrystul Kizer, a Black teenager who faces murder charges in Kenosha, Wisconsin, after she killed her alleged sex trafficker, a white man with a history of sexually abusing underage Black girls. She says it was done in self defense. Get Democracy Now! delivered right to your inbox. Sign up for the Daily Digest:

      Common Dreams

      Labor Notes

      • This Year I’m Thankful for the Revolt Against Two-Tier

        Blog: BlogAuthor(s): Alexandra BradburyIt’s inspiring to see members in revolt against two-tier at the farm equipment maker John Deere, the hospital chain Kaiser Permanente, the cereal maker Kellogg’s, and the parcel giant

      Next City

      • How Philadelphia’s ‘Bail Advocates’ Reduced Pretrial Racial Disparities

        (Photo by Sarah Hina / CC BY-NC 2.0)The use of paraprofessionals to provide individualized information about defendants that could guide judges’ decisions about granting bail could reduce racial disparities in pretrial detention, argues Paul Heaton, the director of the Quattrone Center for the […]

      • Guaranteed Income Programs Taking Off Across the U.S.

        (Lyndon Stratford/iStockPhoto)Over the past few years, the conversation around universal basic income — now often called guaranteed income — has shifted. This year, at the passage of President Biden’s stimulus package, which contained a temporary expansion of the child tax credit, the New […]

      • How Cities Are Addressing Mental Distress

        Photo by Finn on UnsplashThe COVID-19 pandemic exacerbated existing trauma and mental health issues in vulnerable populations across the country. But the ubiquity of those issues—and the spotlight trained on them as communities continue to recover from the pandemic—presents a unique opportunity […]

      The World – PRI

      Latino USA

      • Reclaiming Our Homes

        On March 14th, 2020, just as the Governor of California issued a state-wide mandate for residents to shelter in place,... The post Reclaiming Our Homes appeared first on Latino USA.

      • Gig Workers vs. Big Tech

        In November of 2020, a brutal presidential campaign was coming to an end while the U.S. struggled to handle a... The post Gig Workers vs. Big Tech appeared first on Latino USA.

      • Sonia Manzano: The Power Of Writing

        Before winning not one or two, but fifteen Emmys for television writing, and before she became one of the first... The post Sonia Manzano: The Power Of Writing appeared first on Latino USA.


      Amnesty International

      The Conversation

      Indian Country Today

      The 19th News

      Public Citizen

      Unicorn Riot

      • Senator Amy Klobuchar’s Speech Disrupted by Water Protectors

        Minneapolis, MN – Water protectors opposing the recently completed Line 3 oil pipeline disrupted Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar’s speech during a political fundraising event and demanded to meet with her before she abruptly left the stage. During the evening of November 11, 2021, water protectors… The post Senator Amy Klobuchar’s Speech Disrupted by Water Protectors appeared first on UNICORN RIOT.


      • Vertigo AI

        To make this version of ‘Vertigo’, an artificial intelligence computer watched Alfred Hitchcock’s classic film 20 times - by Aeon Video Watch at Aeon

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