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Inter Press Service

  • Kenyan Domestic Workers’ Doomed Voyages to the Gulf

    Distress calls from vulnerable Kenyan women in Saudi Arabia experiencing mistreatment and torture at the hands of their employers went from 88 in 2019/2020 to 1,025 just one year later. And this fear is all too familiar for 28-year-old Wanjiku Njoki. The young woman’s whose search for greener pastures in the Gulf landed her in

  • Fully Ready to Kill, Shockingly Unprepared to Save Lives

    While absolutely ready to kill, with the biggest military powers spending in 2020 nearly two trillion US dollars on weapons, the world is shockingly unprepared to save the lives of millions of unarmed, innocent civilian victims of wars… and other man-made catastrophes. The military spending data come from the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI),

  • Democracy Under Assault

    There is no doubt that the building the magnificent Women’s Pavilion at the Dubai World Expo 2020 deserves unconditional praise and admiration, a bold landmark that projects the concept of gender empowerment and gender equality. Yet at the same time I am wondering why the organizers of the World Expo didn’t come up with a



The Guardian

  • Glenn Youngkin attempts to ban critical race theory on day one as Virginia governor

    Newly elected Republican unveils sweeping conservative orders, including loosening public health mandates during the pandemicVirginia’s newly elected Republican governor has immediately passed a swath of conservative orders – ranging from attempts to alter local school curriculums to loosening public health mandates during the pandemic – after being sworn into office on Saturday.Glenn Youngkin, a former private equity CEO who has never served in public office before, became the state’s first Republican governor since 2010 after a closely watched gubernatorial election last year. Continue reading...

  • The Guardian view of Joe Biden: he needs to face opponents within – and without

    If the president can’t build better he won’t be back. Instead Donald Trump might returnThe US president, Joe Biden, suffered his worst day in office – so far – last Thursday. Mr Biden had begun that morning hoping to convince his party to support his push to change Senate rules to pass two voting rights bills. Even before he got a chance to make his case, Senator Kyrsten Sinema, a rightwing Democrat, rejected the president’s plan. At a stroke, two key parts of Mr Biden’s agenda – racial justice and democracy – appear stalled. On the same day, the US supreme court struck down the Biden administration’s requirement for businesses to make employees either be vaccinated against Covid-19 or test weekly and wear a mask at work. […]

  • Recruitment of veterans by extremists may increase, top Democrat warns

    Chair of House veterans affairs committee holding hearings on issue highlighted by veterans’ participation in US Capitol attackA top US lawmaker who heads a congressional committee investigating the targeting of veterans by extremist groups has warned that the problem is a serious one and could get bigger unless it is effectively combated.In an interview with the Guardian Mark Takano, a Democratic congressman from California, said he was concerned about the recruiting strategy being deployed by violent rightwing extremist groups, especially in America’s increasingly fraught political climate in the wake of the 6 January attack on the US Capitol. Continue reading...

  • Joe Biden’s first year: Covid, climate, the economy, racial justice and democracy

    How has the president fared on the four big issues he outlined at his inauguration – and the one he couldn’t ignoreOne year ago on Thursday, Joe Biden took the oath of office as the 46th president at the US Capitol in an inauguration ceremony devoid of the usual crowds due to pandemic restrictions.Biden identified four crises facing America: the coronavirus, the climate, the economy and racial justice. He could have added a fifth: a crisis of democracy in a divided nation where, just two weeks earlier, the Capitol had been overrun by insurrectionists. Continue reading...

  • The Next Civil War and How Civil Wars Start reviews – US nightmare scenarios

    How far will America’s disintegration into irreconcilable factions go? Two authors gaze into the near future of a failed state, at times enjoying their doomsday prophecies a little too muchZonked on patriotic zeal, Americans believe that their country is an exception to all historical rules. The land of the free, however, is currently hurtling towards a predetermined, apparently unavoidable crack-up. Its governmental institutions are paralysed, and a constitution devised for an agrarian society in the 18th century obstructs reform; its citizens, outnumbered by the guns they tote, have split into armed, antagonistic tribes. Given these conditions, the riot at the Capitol last January may have been the rehearsal for an imminent civil […]


Inside Climate News


Quanta Magazine

  • Mathematicians Clear Hurdle in Quest to Decode Primes

    Paul Nelson has solved the subconvexity problem, bringing mathematicians one step closer to understanding the Riemann hypothesis and the distribution of prime numbers. The post Mathematicians Clear Hurdle in Quest to Decode Primes first appeared on Quanta Magazine

The Real News Network

The Marshall Project

Daily Yonder

  • People You Meet: the Motherway Family and Mr. D’s Food Center

    “Why we came back is not, at first, a story of joy,” said Michelle Motherway about her and her brother Joe’s return to work in the family’s grocery store. “What brought us back is that a corporation tried to kill our business.”  A nationwide grocery chain built its flagship store in Lander, Wyoming, a town The post People You Meet: the Motherway Family and Mr. D’s Food Center appeared first on The Daily Yonder.

  • Q&A: Why is the Government Losing Rural America’s Trust?

    Editor’s Note: This interview first appeared in Path Finders, an email newsletter from the Daily Yonder. Each week, Path Finders features a Q&A with a rural thinker, creator, or doer. Like what you see here? You can join the mailing list at the bottom of this article and receive more conversations like this in your inbox each week. The post Q&A: Why is the Government Losing Rural America’s Trust? appeared first on The Daily Yonder.

  • The Good, the Bad, and the Elegy: Once Upon a Time in Rural America…

    Editor’s Note: A version of this story first appeared in The Good, the Bad, and the Elegy, an email newsletter from the Daily Yonder focused on the best, and worst, in rural media, entertainment, and culture. Every other Thursday, it features reviews, recommendations, retrospectives, and more. Like what you see here? You can join the mailing The post The Good, the Bad, and the Elegy: Once Upon a Time in Rural America… appeared first on The Daily Yonder.

Fair Observer


    • Who’s willing to change for climate change?

      Would you alter the way you do things to help reduce the severity of climate change? If so, you’re not alone. A recent survey of individuals in 17 “advanced economies” found that 80% of respondents were willing to modify some aspects of their work and lifestyle to help mitigate the threat. The survey, conducted in early 2021, assessed the opinions of 16,254 individuals from 16 “advanced […]

    The Trace

    • Terrorism Charges for Mass Shooters? Experts Are Divided.

      The 15-year-old student accused of fatally shooting his classmates at Michigan’s Oxford High School in November is inching toward a trial to determine his guilt on 24 felony charges. One of them — committing an act of terrorism — has rarely been applied in the context of mass shootings, so the move has reignited a The post Terrorism Charges for Mass Shooters? Experts Are Divided. appeared first on The Trace.

    • New York AG Subpoenas Susan LaPierre in NRA Corruption Case

      The attorney general of New York State issued a subpoena last week to Susan LaPierre — the wife of National Rifle Association CEO Wayne LaPierre — in connection with its lawsuit that seeks to dissolve the NRA for an alleged pattern of self-dealing. The subpoena, dated January 5th, is lengthy and wide-ranging, and covers revelations The post New York AG Subpoenas Susan LaPierre in NRA Corruption Case appeared first on The Trace.

    • How a Newark Program Is Pushing Police and Community Members to Heal Old Wounds Together

      NEWARK — Khalil Odom’s interactions with police started early.  Years ago, officers scoured his neighborhood to find a shooting suspect. Odom, then a teenager, saw the police, got scared, and ran. When the officers caught him minutes later, one grabbed him by the back of his neck. “The cop picked me up by the hood like The post How a Newark Program Is Pushing Police and Community Members to Heal Old Wounds Together appeared first on The Trace.

    Fair Warning

      Yale Environment 360

      • Berlin Looks to Create Car-Free Zone Larger Than Manhattan

        Berlin's regional parliament is considering creating a car-free zone in the German capital in response to a concerted push from a local advocacy group. The car ban would apply to the space ringed by the S-Bahn train line, which circles the city center, an area larger than Manhattan.Read more on E360 →

      The Appeal


      • Reps Bought Pipeline Stocks Before Passing the Infrastructure Bill

        Congressional Democrats aimed to address the climate crisis last year in their signature Build Back Better Act (BBB). But while a physical infrastructure bill was signed into law in November that showers funding on roads and fossil fuel infrastructure projects, the fate of the BBB this year and its much larger investments in reducing greenhouse


        Democracy Now!

        • Democracy Now! 2022-01-14 Friday

          Advocates are calling for more aid to address the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan, where conditions in hospitals are deteriorating; The documentary "Who We Are: A Chronicle of Racism in America" follows former ACLU deputy legal director Jeffery Robinson as he confronts the enduring legacy of anti-Blackness in the United States. Get Democracy Now! delivered right to your inbox. Sign up for the Daily Digest:

        Common Dreams

        Labor Notes

        • As Omicron Rages, Teachers and Students Fight for Safety Measures in Chicago and Elsewhere

          Author(s): Barbara MadeloniChicago Teachers Union members voted by 77 percent on January 4 to go fully remote until effective Covid mitigations to protect educators and students were approved by members and enacted, or until the current Covid surge subsided. Within a week they had a tentative agreement on mitigation measures. Members ratified it January 12 by 56 percent and returned to in-person teaching.As Omicron Rages, Teachers and Students Fight for Safety Measures in Chicago and Elsewhere January 13, 2022 / Barbara Madeloni

        Next City

        • Racial Justice On the Ballot for New York City Voters This Fall

          Led by Chair Jennifer Jones Austin, members and staff of the NYC Racial Justice Commission arrive at the Office of the City Clerk to submit the commission’s ballot proposals for voter approval in the November 2022 general election. (Photo by Oscar Perry Abello)If the municipal government of New […]

        • Economics in Brief: Tallahassee Starbucks Joins Six Other Stores that Have Filed for Unionization

          Alexis Rizzo, a Starbucks employee, unveils an agreement employees want the company to sign during a press conference after their union-election viewing party Thursday, Dec. 9, 2021, in Buffalo, N.Y. Starbucks workers at the store in Buffalo, voted to unionize in December, a move that prompted […]

        • Fare Caps Might Get Transit Out of the Pandemic Slump

          (MTA)For years “pay as you go” systems, which give riders the freedom to choose when and how often they travel without being locked into a contract, have been seen by cities as the fairest ticket for public transit payment. But a growing number of urban transit authorities are […]

        The World – PRI

        Latino USA

        • The Elusive Freedom of Juan Castillo

          Juan Castillo left war-torn El Salvador when he was only 12. After struggling to find his footing in Reno, Nevada,... The post The Elusive Freedom of Juan Castillo appeared first on Latino USA.

        • Selling the Fantasy With José Hernandez

          When Tyra Banks taught us all to smize, a young José Hernandez was taking notes. Years later, José would pose... The post Selling the Fantasy With José Hernandez appeared first on Latino USA.

        • Tango Resiste

          While tango is usually pictured as a dance between a white man in an elegant black suit and a white... The post Tango Resiste appeared first on Latino USA.


        Amnesty International

        The Conversation

        Indian Country Today

        The 19th News

        Public Citizen

        Unicorn Riot

        • Thousands Strike in Colorado for Better Labor Practices at Local Grocery Chain

          More than 8,000 employees at Kroger’s King Soopers stores, and a few City Markets, are on their third day of striking for better labor practices in Colorado. Unicorn Riot spoke with Gigi Jones, a union captain at a King Soopers in Denver, about reasons for… The post Thousands Strike in Colorado for Better Labor Practices at Local Grocery Chain appeared first on UNICORN RIOT.


        • Becoming a centaur

          The horse is a prey animal, the human a predator. Our shared trust and athleticism is a neurobiological miracle - by Janet Jones Read at Aeon

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