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Inter Press Service

  • UN Meets on Effective Responses to Loss and Damage Ahead of COP28

    African countries are increasingly in the eye of deadly climate-induced disasters. Recent devastating extreme events include intense shattering earthquakes in Morocco, followed shortly by catastrophic floods in Libya this September that left 11,300 people dead, according to Libya’s Red Crescent. A quarter of Libya’s Port City of Derna – the epicentre of this tragedy –

  • Reality is Governments Not Truly Held Accountable to Implement SDGs

    What does transformative and sweeping really mean in the overarching efforts to achieve the Agenda 2030? With the conclusion of the second edition of the SDG Summit, it is time for stocktaking on what was agreed at the United Nations HQ in New York this week. At the core of the Summit were not the

  • Bolivian Women Fight Prejudice to Be Accepted as Mechanics

    In Bolivia, more and more women have gone from being homemakers or street vendors to joining the noisy world of engines, their hands now covered in grease after learning that special touch to make a car work. But they frequently have to put up with machismo or sexism, injustice and mistrust of their skills with



The Guardian

  • ‘Rupert Murdoch is a symptom’: Fox’s future politics look the same as past

    Little will change at Fox News under new leadership, analysts say, as Republicans can rely on yet more outrage and divisionThe abrupt uncoupling of the Republican kingmaker Rupert Murdoch from his Fox News empire may have represented a ground shift in the media landscape in the US, but politically at least, very little is likely to change, analysts say.That could be good news for those on the right of the Republican party, who can expect the network to head into the 2024 presidential election – even without its long-time figurehead – continuing to amplify the worst of the political bias and disinformation upon which it made its name. Continue reading...

  • New Jersey senator Menendez rejects calls from fellow Democrats to resign

    Robert Menendez urged to step down after being charged with accepting bribes, including gold bars, in exchange for favorsSeveral Democrats including his own state governor are calling on their fellow party member Robert Menendez to resign after federal authorities charged the New Jersey US senator and his wife with accepting bribes. However, the defiant senator has rejected those claims and is refusing to step down.Authorities on Friday revealed charges alleging that Robert and Nadine Menendez illegally accepted gold bars, cash, a luxurious Mercedes-Benz car and other gifts in exchange for favors benefiting three businessmen as well as influencing the Egyptian government. Continue reading...

  • Tropical Storm Ophelia threatens wind, rain and storm surge for US mid-Atlantic

    North Carolina and Virginia governors declare states of emergency ahead of expected landfall on Saturday morningTropical Storm Ophelia formed off the mid-Atlantic coast and was expected to bring heavy rain, storm surge and windy conditions over the weekend, the National Hurricane Center (NHC) said on Friday.Ophelia had maximum sustained winds of 60mph (95km/h), according to a 2pm advisory from the Miami-based center. The storm was centered 150 miles (240km) south-east of Cape Fear, North Carolina, and was forecast to make landfall on Saturday morning. Continue reading...

  • White House planning for government shutdown after chaos on Capitol Hill

    House leaves for weekend without solution to shutdown threat in sight amid hard-right Republican opposition to McCarthy plansThe Republican-led US House of Representatives has all but disappeared for the long weekend after abruptly wrapping up its work on Thursday when the embattled speaker, Kevin McCarthy, failed to advance a stopgap government spending bill, as members continued to clash with just days left to avert a federal shutdown.The White House on Friday planned to begin telling federal agencies to prepare for a shutdown, AP reported, citing a government official. Continue reading...

  • Biden and Harris unveil first federal gun violence prevention office, citing 100 people shot and killed daily - live

    This live blog is now closed. See all of our politics coverage here.Faced with the House stalemate over a government stopgap funding bill, Senate majority leader Chuck Schumer on Thursday set up a path for the Senate to move first on a bill to fund the government beyond 30 September.Senate aides told the Hill the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) bill could serve as a legislative vehicle to pass a continuing resolution to fund the federal government for a few weeks – but that it will likely not include money for the war in Ukraine or disaster relief.This is painful. It gives me a headache. This is a very difficult series of missteps by our conference. If you can’t do [the defense bill], what can you do?At this point, it seems like […]


Inside Climate News

  • EPA Approves Permit for Controversial Fracking Disposal Well in Pennsylvania

    The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) this week approved a permit for a toxic fracking wastewater disposal well named Sedat 4A, a highly controversial project in Plum Borough, Pennsylvania, rejecting residents’ concerns that leaks from the well could migrate and pollute other wells and groundwater. The decision comes as Pennsylvania faces a fracking disposal reckoning. Historically,

  • Q&A: How the Wolves’ Return Enhances Biodiversity

    Interview by Jenni Doering, “Living on Earth”  From our collaborating partner “Living on Earth,” public radio’s environmental news magazine, an interview by Managing Producer Jenni Doering with Amaroq Weiss, senior wolf advocate at the Center for Biological Diversity. JENNI DOERING: Before the arrival of colonists, North America was brimming with wildlife, including as many as


Quanta Magazine

The Real News Network

The Marshall Project

Daily Yonder

  • Commentary: The Time an Iowa Democratic Committee Sponsored a Stock-Car Race

    “I thought about things I enjoy doing where I never see my progressive friends, and right away I knew I wanted to bring the Democrats to a stock-car race.” The post Commentary: The Time an Iowa Democratic Committee Sponsored a Stock-Car Race appeared first on The Daily Yonder.

  • Q&A: Understanding the Difference Between Rural and Urban Homelessness, With Elizabeth Carpenter-Song

    Editor’s Note: This interview first appeared in Path Finders, an email newsletter from the Daily Yonder. Each week, Path Finders features a Q&A with a rural thinker, creator, or doer. Like what you see here? You can join the mailing list at the bottom of this article and receive more conversations like this in your inbox each week. The post Q&A: Understanding the Difference Between Rural and Urban Homelessness, With Elizabeth Carpenter-Song appeared first on The Daily Yonder.

  • Fall for These Four Rural Byways

    From cranberries in Wisconsin to migrating birds in Oregon, "leaf" now to enjoy these scenic drives featuring a variety of autumnal delights. The post Fall for These Four Rural Byways appeared first on The Daily Yonder.

Fair Observer

  • Aging Alone Isn’t Just for Lesbians: We Are All Vulnerable

    For twelve years starting in 1982, my partner and I in San Francisco joined with two friends in Seattle to produce Lesbian Contradiction: A Journal of Irreverent Feminism, or LesCon for short. We started out typing four-inch columns of text and laying out what was to become a quarterly tabloid on a homemade light table.… Continue reading Aging Alone Isn’t Just for Lesbians: We Are All Vulnerable The post Aging Alone Isn’t Just for Lesbians: We Are All Vulnerable appeared first on Fair Observer.

  • A New Book Explores the Psychology Of Civil War Southerners

    I really enjoyed reading The Fall of the House of Dixie, written by Bruce Levine and published by Random House. It combines a succinct account of the origins and course of the American Civil War (1861–1865) with a deeper examination of public opinion in Confederacy. Political opinion varied greatly among the slave states The range… Continue reading A New Book Explores the Psychology Of Civil War Southerners The post A New Book Explores the Psychology Of Civil War Southerners appeared first on Fair Observer.

  • The African Turn in Italy’s Energy Policy

    Earlier this year, Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni’s visited Algeria. There, Meloni paid homage to the monument of Enrico Mattei, the chairman of the Italian petroleum giant Eni who had supported Algerian independence from France. Meloni’s choice of Mattei was no accident. Many Italians, including Meloni, view North Africa as the natural place for Italy… Continue reading The African Turn in Italy’s Energy Policy The post The African Turn in Italy’s Energy Policy appeared first on Fair Observer.


  • Opinion: Why understanding limits is the key to humanity’s future

    Recent news articles about a breakthrough in nuclear fusion research heralded the potential for “limitless” energy. Whenever I read that word limitless I wince. The promise of limitlessness is misleading and sometimes deadly. Limits exist everywhere in nature. They enable the functioning of systems at scales from the subatomic all the way up to galaxy clusters. If there is any physical […]

The Trace

  • Biden to Establish Office of Gun Violence Prevention

    Since before he took office in January 2021, dozens of organizations that advocate for gun reform have been asking President Joe Biden to create a federal office focused solely on preventing gun violence. As early as November 2020, some 85 advocacy groups told the Biden transition team that a dedicated office could help coordinate a The post Biden to Establish Office of Gun Violence Prevention appeared first on The Trace.

  • Introducing ‘The Gun Machine’: A Podcast About How America Was Forged by the Gun Industry

    Every time there is a mass shooting in America, the first question is why.  When we look for answers, we tend to focus on the incident itself: who the shooter was, why they did it, and who parachutes in to debate the state of regulation, or lack thereof, that allowed it to happen. What we The post Introducing ‘The Gun Machine’: A Podcast About How America Was Forged by the Gun Industry appeared first on The Trace.

  • Violence Prevention Programs Aim to Reach Young People. They Have to Earn Their Trust First.

    In 2023, Tyree Belfield, 24, was acquitted two years after he was accused of fatally shooting a young man. Despite never being convicted, headlines portraying him as a criminal continue to appear online, affecting the way the world sees him and taking away job opportunities.  As he continues his legal battle to expunge his charges, The post Violence Prevention Programs Aim to Reach Young People. They Have to Earn Their Trust First. appeared first on The Trace.

Fair Warning

    Yale Environment 360

    The Appeal

    • Criminalizing Abortion Makes Cases Like Nebraska Teen’s More Common, Experts Warn

      A judge sentenced 17-year-old Celeste Burgess to 90 days in jail after she ended her pregnancy at 29 weeks. Further criminalization of abortion and dwindling reproductive healthcare options will only make cases like these more common, experts say. The post Criminalizing Abortion Makes Cases Like Nebraska Teen’s More Common, Experts Warn appeared first on The Appeal.

    • Pregnancy-Related Arrests Spiked During Last 16 Years, Report Finds

      Legal experts who spoke with The Appeal warned the criminal justice system will continue to target pregnant people in the coming years. The post Pregnancy-Related Arrests Spiked During Last 16 Years, Report Finds appeared first on The Appeal.



    Democracy Now!

    • Democracy Now! 2023-09-22 Friday

      Headlines for September 22, 2023; As Rupert Murdoch Resigns from His Right-Wing Media Empire, Will His Son Lachlan Be Even More Extreme?; Despite “Symbolic Rebukes” of Israel & Netanyahu, Will Biden’s Legacy Be Apartheid?; Rep. Ro Khanna on “Chaos” in House as Shutdown Nears, UAW Strike & Murder of Canadian Sikh Leader

    Common Dreams

    • Stand Up America Renews Calls for Passage of Supreme Court Ethics Legislation Amid Newest ProPublica Investigation

      Christina Harvey, Executive Director for Stand Up America, issued the following statement after a ProPublica investigation revealed Clarence Thomas secretly participated in Koch Network donor events: “There are few things in today’s world more predictable than yet another Supreme Court ethics violation. With Propublica’s latest report on Justice Thomas’s inappropriate relationship with ultra-conservative MAGA donors, it begs the question: when will enough be enough? “Justice Thomas has proven that he will not stop accepting joyrides, lavish vacations, and other benefits from those with an interest in the Supreme Court’s decisions, unless Congress acts. While it’s not clear exactly what happened at the Koch Network events – mostly because they were never disclosed – it is clear that Justice Thomas once again took a private jet to rub shoulders with mega-donors and conservative political operators who have business before the Court. “The legitimacy of the Supreme Court is at stake. Scandal after scandal have shown Supreme Court justices can no longer be trusted to regulate their peers and their own behavior. It’s past time for Congress to step up and pass legislation to create a code of ethics for the highest court in the land.”

    • AFSCME’s Saunders: ‘UAW workers are striking for all working people’

      AFSCME President Lee Saunders released the following statement after the United Auto Workers (UAW) announced plans to expand their strike: “UAW workers are striking for all working people. For decades, insatiable corporate greed has driven billionaires to take and take and take from hardworking Americans. It’s never enough for them, and we’re sick of it. Going back to the 1968 Memphis Sanitation Strike, when AFSCME and Dr. King marched with workers for fair pay and justice, we know that strikes can change the world for the better. That is why we stand with UAW in this fight, and we will continue to be by their side until they get the dignity and respect they are owed.”

    • Amnesty International USA welcomes Venezuela TPS Announcement and calls for Biden to take action for Cameroon and other countries

      Amnesty International USA welcomes the Biden Administration’s announcement to extend and redesignate Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for over 470,000 Venezuelans currently in the United States. Over 7 million Venezuelans have fled Venezuela due to the complex humanitarian emergency and widespread human rights violations being committed in the country. This announcement is a critical recognition of the protection needs of Venezuelans, to ensure they have the ability to work and build lives in the United States without fear of deportation. The Biden Administration’s move is an important victory for the Venezuelan community as well as organizers and state and local officials who have been welcoming high numbers of Venezuelans into their communities. Around the country, people are mobilizing to welcome asylum seekers with dignity, but they can’t do it alone. TPS for Venezuela is a critical relief that will ease the pressure on local cities to provide for a new population of Venezuelans seeking safety and security, but were left without the ability to work and build lives for themselves. While we celebrate these important protections for Venezuelans, the Biden Administration must act to extend protections for nationals from other countries, including Cameroon and Central American countries who are facing conditions warranting protection. In particular, Cameroon is dealing with three concurrent crises in the country, marked by political instability, multiple armed conflicts, and unrest. The humanitarian and human rights situation in Cameroon has only worsened since it was initially designated for TPS. The current designation for Cameroon will expire on December 7th of this year, and the Administration must act by October 8th to extend and redesignate TPS for Cameroon.

    Labor Notes

    • Breaking: Auto Workers Strike Spreads to 38 Parts Depots

      The clock has ticked and tocked for two of the Big 3 automakers. At noon 5,000 more members of the Auto Workers (UAW) at 38 parts distribution centers for Stellantis and General Motors walked off the job. The facilities are spread across 20 states.

    Next City

    • Why Architects Need To Help Solve The Housing Crisis

      (Photo by Tim Griffith)This is an adapted excerpt from “Practice with Purpose: A Guide to Mission-Driven Design” by Bill Leddy, FAIA, Principal at Leddy Maytum Stacy Architects and the firm’s team. It is republished with permission. The U.S. housing crisis has been widely discussed for […]

    • This Man Used His Wrongful Conviction Settlement To Buy A House For Other Exonerees

      A volunteer day at the Exoneree Home, located just outside Cleveland, Ohio. (Photo courtesy McLaughlin)In 2010, thanks to the work of the Ohio Innocence Project — an effort of the University of Cincinnati’s College of Law to free wrongfully convicted and incarcerated people — Raymond […]

    • They Halted A Pipeline In South Memphis. Now Can They Get Clean Drinking Water?

      In 2019, energy companies announced a plan to route a major crude oil pipeline through Boxtown and other mostly Black communities in southwest Memphis. The location had been chosen, a company representative stated then, because it was the “point of least resistance.” But residents came […]

    The World – PRI

    • 'Organizing chaos': Moroccans in Spain send aid convoys home after devastating earthquake

      Moroccans continue digging out victims from this month’s 6.8-magnitude earthquake in the Atlas Mountains. The death toll now stands at nearly 3,000 people. Many more have been left homeless. Morocco’s government has so far only accepted aid from a handful of countries, but Moroccans overseas are stepping up. In Spain, they’re collecting supplies to send to victims, but it isn’t always easy.

    • Why corals in American Samoa are thriving despite warmer oceans 

      Despite prevailing narratives of coral bleaching and decline, the reefs of American Samoa have been particularly resilient to warming temperatures that have laid waste to other corals. Scientists there are finding out why, and looking for ways to use this knowledge to help reefs in other parts of the world.

    • Ukrainian Greek Catholics lament lack of support by Vatican amid war with Russia

      Pope Francis recently praised Russian historical figures in a speech to Russian youth. To members of Ukraine’s Greek Catholic community, these comments were deemed "painful" amid the ongoing war with Russia, and put a spotlight on their needs and concerns.

    Latino USA

    • The Growing Call to Abolish Student Debt

      The call for the abolition of all student debt has never been louder—but how did we get to a place... The post The Growing Call to Abolish Student Debt appeared first on Latino USA.

    • It’s My Podcast and I’ll Cry If I Want To

      Five years ago, Latino USA producer Antonia Cereijido was only an intern and still in college when she did what... The post It’s My Podcast and I’ll Cry If I Want To appeared first on Latino USA.

    • Belonging, Recruitment, and Remembrance

      This episode was produced in collaboration with the Texas Observer. Please visit their site for the longer report of this... The post Belonging, Recruitment, and Remembrance appeared first on Latino USA.


      Amnesty International

      The Conversation

      Indian Country Today

      The 19th News

      Public Citizen

      Unicorn Riot

      • Distress Hotline Volunteer Speaks on 500+ Dead from Pylos Shipwreck

        This summer, as climate disasters and human-made catastrophes compounded each other in and around Greece, one of the deadliest shipwrecks in recent history occurred off the country’s coast. The Adrianna, a boat carrying an estimated 750 migrants, capsized in the Mediterranean Sea, leaving nearly 500… The post Distress Hotline Volunteer Speaks on 500+ Dead from Pylos Shipwreck appeared first on UNICORN RIOT.


      • Dream of the Russian tropics

        Imperial Russia had little access to the bountiful tropics that other empires enjoyed. So it created its own in the Caucasus - by Oleksandr Polianichev Read at Aeon

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