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Inter Press Service

  • Table Banking Helping Women in Kenya to Put Food on the Table

    Pascaline Chemutai’s five acres of land located in the country’s breadbasket region of Rift Valley recently produced 115 bags of maize, each weighing 90 kilograms. She tells IPS that of these, 110 bags will be transported to traders in Nairobi and neighbouring Kiambu County at a negotiated price of $23 per bag. In all, she

  • Inclusive Education to Break the Cycles of Poverty

    In September 2021, children in the northern hemisphere returned to school after the summer break. For some, the end of the holidays signaled a return to normalcy and to the joys of learning after facing months of school closures due to the Covid-19 pandemic. For the majority of children in the Global South, however, the

  • QE, or No QE, That is the Question?

    The guardians of the global economy convened in Washington this week to discuss their latest global growth forecasts. The World Bank-IMF Board of Governors meetings have been squarely focused on the global response to COVID-19, with economists warning of slowing momentum in wealthy nations and grossly uneven recoveries across the developing world. Still, since February



The Guardian

  • Malcolm Turnbull on Murdoch, lies and the climate crisis: ‘The same forces that enabled Trump are at work in Australia’

    Systematic partisan lying and misinformation from the media, both mainstream and social, has done enormous damage to liberal democracies, the former PM writesThe United States has suffered the largest number of Covid-19 deaths: about 600,000 at the time of writing. The same political and media players who deny the reality of global warming also denied and politicised the Covid-19 virus.To his credit, Donald Trump poured billions into Operation Warp Speed, which assisted the development of vaccines in a timeframe that matched the program’s ambitious title. But he also downplayed the gravity of Covid-19, then peddled quack therapies and mocked cities that mandated social distancing and mask wearing. Continue reading...

  • Capitol attack panel’s message to Steve Bannon: we won’t forget about you

    Republican Adam Kinzinger says pursuit of a criminal contempt referral was ‘the first shot over the bow’ for Trump alliesAdam Kinzinger, one of two Republicans on the special committee investigating the deadly 6 January US Capitol attack, said on Sunday the pursuit of a criminal contempt referral against Steve Bannon was “the first shot over the bow” for allies of Donald Trump defying subpoenas to testify.“It’s very real, but it says to anybody else coming in front of the committee, ‘Don’t think that you’re going to be able to just kind of walk away and we’re going to forget about you’,” Kinzinger, a vocal critic of the former president, told CNN’s State of the Union. Continue reading...

  • Republicans move to tighten grip on Texas after redistricting map approved

    Redrawn map, expected to strengthen Republican numbers, faces final negotiations before being sent to Governor Greg AbbottRepublicans have moved to tighten their grip on power in Texas after a late-night vote in the state’s legislature approved an early sign-off to new congressional boundaries at the expense of communities of color.The Republican-led effort will give the party powers over redrawn US House maps and shore up its eroding dominance in Texas, whose demographics are becoming less white in a shift that most experts see as favoring Democrats. Continue reading...

  • Buttigieg warns Manchin of resistance to Biden’s climate plan: ‘It will cost lives’

    White House has said clean energy provisions likely to be dropped from bill to secure support of Joe Manchin and Kyrsten SinemaThe transportation secretary Pete Buttigieg delivered a blunt warning on Sunday to Joe Manchin and other Senate Democrats who are forcing Joe Biden to scale back his climate crisis agenda: your resistance is going to cost lives.Manchin, senator for the coal-dependent state of West Virginia, opposes elements of the president’s clean energy performance program (CEPP), a $150bn central plank of his Build Back Better plan and $3.5tn spending bill. Continue reading...

  • Bill Clinton released from hospital after infection treatment

    Former US president was admitted to California hospital on Tuesday with an infection unrelated to CovidBill Clinton was released Sunday from the Southern California hospital where he had been treated for an infection.The former US president was released around 8am from the University of California Irvine medical center. Continue reading...


Inside Climate News


Quanta Magazine

  • How Animals Map 3D Spaces Surprises Brain Researchers

    When animals move through 3D spaces, the neat system of grid cell activity they use for navigating on flat surfaces gets more disorderly. That has implications for some ideas about memory and other processes. The post How Animals Map 3D Spaces Surprises Brain Researchers first appeared on Quanta Magazine

The Real News Network

The Marshall Project

Daily Yonder

  • Review: Go Down, Moses – The Wings Over Jordan Choir

    Go Down, Moses: The Wings Over Jordan Choir By Sam Barber and Timothy Collins Then & Now Media, 2021 It’s always a thrill to help uncover important history that has been lost. I have had that pleasure lately, along with Dr. Sam Barber, a professor of mine at Ohio State during the mid-1970s. Sam, a The post Review: Go Down, Moses – The Wings Over Jordan Choir appeared first on The Daily Yonder.

  • Rural Covid Infections Decline for Third Straight Week

    Explore full-page map The number of new Covid-19 infections dropped for the third consecutive week, but the rural infection rate remains significantly higher than the metropolitan rate. The gap between the rural and metropolitan death rates is even more pronounced, according to a Daily Yonder analysis. New infections fell by about 12% in rural counties The post Rural Covid Infections Decline for Third Straight Week appeared first on The Daily Yonder.

  • Faced with Failing Sewage System, Rural Community in Alabama’s Black Belt Wants a Say in Finding a Solution

    In the Black Belt of the American South, residents of Uniontown, Alabama, are making a continued plea to be included in crucial decisions regarding the future of a failing sewage system. As many rural towns across the country struggle to build and maintain the infrastructure necessary to establish a healthy quality of life, a number The post Faced with Failing Sewage System, Rural Community in Alabama’s Black Belt Wants a Say in Finding a Solution appeared first on The Daily Yonder.

Fair Observer


    • The future of water in the U.S. West is uncertain, so planning and preparedness are critical

      Editor’s note: This story is part of a four-part series — “Hotter, Drier, Smarter: Managing Western Water in a Changing Climate” — about innovative approaches to water management in the U.S. West and Western tribal nations. The series is supported by The Water Desk , an independent journalism initiative based at the University of Colorado Boulder’s Center for Environmental Journalism. […]

    The Trace

    • Ryan Busse Was a Rising Star in the Gun Industry. Then He Had a Change of Heart.

      From his desk, Ryan Busse could hear his boss ranting that the country’s largest gun manufacturer, Smith & Wesson, had betrayed its peers in the industry. Just a year after the 1999 mass shooting at Columbine High School in Colorado, Smith & Wesson had reached a settlement with the White House agreeing to a slew The post Ryan Busse Was a Rising Star in the Gun Industry. Then He Had a Change of Heart. appeared first on The Trace.

    • Can Eric Adams Square His Pro-Police Image With Support For Community-Led Solutions to Violence?

      When Eric Adams was running for mayor in New York City’s Democratic primary, voters came to know him as the police candidate. After all, he had worked in the NYPD for two decades. Amid the surge in shootings during the pandemic, Adams focused his campaign on public safety. He said he would add 500 to The post Can Eric Adams Square His Pro-Police Image With Support For Community-Led Solutions to Violence? appeared first on The Trace.

    • Black People Formed One of the Largest Militias in the U.S. Now Its Leader Is In Prosecutors’ Crosshairs.

      In late July 2020, as Louisville, Kentucky, fumed in the wake of Breonna Taylor’s killing in a botched police raid, a militia group descended on the city. A phalanx of hundreds of Black men and women, all clad in black, marched through downtown. Some wore body armor, others had gas masks. They wore pistols on The post Black People Formed One of the Largest Militias in the U.S. Now Its Leader Is In Prosecutors’ Crosshairs. appeared first on The Trace.

    Fair Warning

    • FairWarning Signing Off; Statements by Our Board and Editor

      The board of FairWarning, a nonprofit devoted to alerting the public to hazardous consumer products and unjust corporate practices, has decided to dissolve the charitable nonprofit as of Feb. 20, 2021. This step is taken with regret as the small journalism nonprofit has devoted the last 11 years to protecting the public from harms to their health and safety.

    Yale Environment 360

    • As Drought Bears Down on Northern Kenya, Millions Face Hunger

      For the second consecutive year, Kenya's semi-arid north has experienced meager rainfall, causing a drought that threatens the food supply of 2.4 million people, according to the United Nations World Food Programme, Reuters reported.Read more on E360 →

    The Appeal



      Democracy Now!

      • Democracy Now! 2021-10-15 Friday

        Indigenous leaders and climate activists in Washington, D.C., on leading protests to demand that President Biden declare a climate emergency; Activists and advocates weigh in on Governor Kathy Hochul addressing inhumane conditions at Rikers Island by transferring women and transgender people into upstate prisons; Larry Hamm on the People's Organization for Progress 67-mile march to demand police accountability. Get Democracy Now! delivered right to your inbox. Sign up for the Daily Digest:

      Common Dreams

      Labor Notes

      • Teamster Insurgents Plan for a Win—And What Comes After

        In mid-November the Teamsters (IBT) will count the votes to determine who will lead North America’s logistics union for the next five years. Whoever wins will have two enormous items at the top of their to-do list: scaling up logistics organizing, including at Amazon, and bargaining the country’s largest union contract, UPS. Teamster Insurgents Plan for a Win—And What Comes After October 14, 2021 / Ryan Haney

      Next City

      The World – PRI

      Latino USA

      • Mississippi Rising

        August 7, 2019 forever changed the lives of many undocumented immigrants living and working in the heart of Mississippi. That... The post Mississippi Rising appeared first on Latino USA.

      • After The Mississippi Raids

        One of the many consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic is that everyone has become much more aware of the food... The post After The Mississippi Raids appeared first on Latino USA.

      • How I Made It: Amy Collado, Skate Advocate

        Although TikTok videos of people dancing on roller skates have blown up over the past year, many do not know... The post How I Made It: Amy Collado, Skate Advocate appeared first on Latino USA.


      Amnesty International

      The Conversation

      Indian Country Today

      The 19th News

      Public Citizen

      Unicorn Riot

      • “Abortion is Sacred:” The Past and Present of Reproductive Rights

        When the topic of reproductive health pops up in U.S. news—usually with conservative states trying to limit its access—it’s easy to forget, or perhaps many haven’t learned, that less than 150 years ago, the now polarizing hot-button issue of abortion was a widely accepted part… The post “Abortion is Sacred:” The Past and Present of Reproductive Rights appeared first on UNICORN RIOT.


      • Defend the deep

        Instead of letting waves of exploitation sweep through the deep ocean, we could choose to protect this vast living realm - by Helen Scales Read at Aeon

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