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  • Copping out? Biden skips UN climate conference – podcast

    The UN’s Cop28 climate conference has kicked off in Dubai this week – but one notable absence will be the US president. Joe Biden pledged to make the fight against climate breakdown one of his top priorities when he took office, and news of his absence from this year’s gathering has frustrated activists.Jonathan Freedland speaks to one such activist, Jerome Foster, who in 2021 became the youngest adviser to the White House when he was asked to sit on its environmental justice advisory council Continue reading...

  • Federal judge rejects Trump’s attempt to dismiss 2020 election subversion case

    In stinging opinion, judge Tanya Chutkan rejects idea that being commander in chief confers lifelong ‘get-out-of-jail-free’ passA federal judge on Friday rejected Donald Trump’s attempt to dismiss his federal criminal case over his efforts to overturn the 2020 election results, ruling that he enjoyed no immunity from prosecution simply because it was based on actions he took when he was still president.The order by the presiding US district judge Tanya Chutkan simultaneously denied two of Trump’s motions to dismiss – on presidential immunity grounds and constitutional grounds – setting the stage for Trump to appeal to the DC circuit and ultimately the US supreme court. Continue reading...

  • Trump victory in 2024 would mean no trial in Georgia for years, lawyer argues

    Trump’s trial in Fulton county could be delayed until 2029 if he won re-election because of the US constitution, Steve Sadow saidDonald Trump’s trial on charges that he conspired to overturn the 2020 election in Georgia would be delayed until 2029 if he won re-election next year because the US constitution prohibits states from interfering with federal government functions, his lawyer argued at a court hearing on Friday.“I believe that the supremacy clause and his duties as president of the United States – this trial would not take place at all until after his term in office,” the former president’s lawyer Steve Sadow said. Continue reading...

  • Pro-Palestine protester self-immolates outside Atlanta’s Israeli consulate

    The person, who is as yet not been identified, is in critical condition and a guard who attempted to intervene was injuredA protester with a Palestinian flag self-immolated on Friday outside the Israeli consulate in Atlanta, injuring a security guard who attempted to intervene, authorities said.The person, whom officials did not identify, is in critical condition, the Atlanta police chief Darin Schierbaum said at a news conference. The guard’s condition was not immediately clear. Continue reading...

  • Democratic congressman says home vandalized by Gaza ceasefire protesters

    Adam Smith of Washington state calls spray-painting of garage ‘sadly reflective of the coarsening of the political discourse’A Democratic congressman says his home was vandalized on Thursday night by “people advocating for a ceasefire in Israel and Gaza”.Adam Smith, a US House member from Washington state, called the vandalism to his home in the city of Bellevue “sadly reflective of the coarsening of the political discourse in our country, and is completely unwarranted, unnecessary, and harmful to our political system”. Continue reading...


Inside Climate News

  • COP28 Promised Fireworks. Back in the US, the Climate Wars Rage On

    President Joe Biden may be skipping the global climate talks abroad, but that didn’t stop him from addressing the issue back home as he stumped in Colorado this week to criticize Republican lawmakers for impeding his climate efforts. Speaking Wednesday at a Colorado wind tower manufacturing plant, Biden took aim at U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert,

  • At COP28, the Role of Food Systems in the Climate Crisis Will Get More Attention Than Ever

    By the end of the United Nations annual climate conference, going on now in Dubai, the term “food system transformation” will be very well worn. An unprecedented focus on food and agriculture at the conference, known as COP28, comes four months after its Emirati leaders announced a “Food Systems and Agriculture Agenda” for the nearly


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Daily Yonder

  • Movie Examines American Dream Through the Lens of Diminishing Rural Healthcare

    “If Dreams Were Lightning” asks “What is a community if it doesn't have something as essential as a place to go when you're sick?" The post Movie Examines American Dream Through the Lens of Diminishing Rural Healthcare appeared first on The Daily Yonder.

  • 45 Degrees North: The Flip Side of Gas Stoves

    The holidays can be a great time to share family recipes, traditions, and perspectives on life that sometimes puzzle our loved ones – like the rural devotion to gas stoves. The post 45 Degrees North: The Flip Side of Gas Stoves appeared first on The Daily Yonder.

  • Housing Prices Have Plateaued in Rural Moab Valley, but Only by a Little

    This story was originally published by the Moab Times-Independent. For Kaitlin Myers, the developments were at opposite ends of the Moab Valley but signaled the same trend. One was a small subdivision just a mile from the San Juan County border in Spanish Valley. The other, ensconced in downtown Moab, was a block of condominiums The post Housing Prices Have Plateaued in Rural Moab Valley, but Only by a Little appeared first on The Daily Yonder.

Fair Observer

  • How Apple’s App Tracking Policy Curbs Financial Fraud

    An essential adage these days is to protect your private data to keep fraudsters at bay. A new paper has quantified the incidence of financial fraud complaints among app users who follow that advice. Titled “Consumer Surveillance and Financial Fraud,” the paper was co-authored by Wharton finance professor Huan Tang and finance professors Bo Bian… Continue reading How Apple’s App Tracking Policy Curbs Financial Fraud The post How Apple’s App Tracking Policy Curbs Financial Fraud appeared first on Fair Observer.

  • Were 30 Years of the Slaughter of Kashmiri Hindus Inevitable?

    The year is 1998. Sunday, January 25, 1998, to be precise. Super Bowl XXXII is in full swing. The Denver Broncos defeat the defending champions, the Green Bay Packers, by a score of 31–24. Bill Clinton is the president of the USA, and the following day he will discuss the Monica Lewinsky story publicly. India… Continue reading Were 30 Years of the Slaughter of Kashmiri Hindus Inevitable? The post Were 30 Years of the Slaughter of Kashmiri Hindus Inevitable? appeared first on Fair Observer.

  • Azerbaijan Fought for Security, not Ethnicity, in the Armenia-Azerbaijan Conflict

    In September 2023, Azerbaijan assumed full control of Karabakh, a region of the country that had previously been under the control of a breakaway entity, in a counter-terrorism measure. On October 20, an author published a piece in Fair Observer accusing Azerbaijan of “ethnic cleansing” in Karabakh. He achieves this by lifting Azerbaijan’s measures out… Continue reading Azerbaijan Fought for Security, not Ethnicity, in the Armenia-Azerbaijan Conflict The post Azerbaijan Fought for Security, not Ethnicity, in the Armenia-Azerbaijan Conflict appeared first on Fair Observer.


  • The hidden power of nature in cities

    We’ve long known that trees, parks and other green spaces can sequester carbon dioxide. But it turns out that’s just the tip of the iceberg as far as their ability to make the world a better place. When urban planners consider and work to maximize all effects on greenhouse gas emissions, the potential of these and other nature-based solutions (NBS) to contribute to climate goals multiplies […]

The Trace

  • In Indianapolis, Drugs and Guns Converge, but Solutions Remain Disjointed

    After a day spent observing a courtroom trial at the Community Justice Campus, Anthony Beverly sat on his living room couch and shuffled through handwritten notes from the day’s proceeding. The community activist felt a pang of hopelessness; he believed that the young man on trial was innocent, but he was uncertain that the jury The post In Indianapolis, Drugs and Guns Converge, but Solutions Remain Disjointed appeared first on The Trace.

  • How 30 Years of Federal Background Checks Changed Gun Buying, by the Numbers

    On November 30, 1993, President Bill Clinton signed into law the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act, establishing a system of background checks for firearm purchasers. The legislation, colloquially known as the Brady Bill, brought about a significant shift in the way firearms are bought and sold in the United States. The law originated from an The post How 30 Years of Federal Background Checks Changed Gun Buying, by the Numbers appeared first on The Trace.

  • How Will Philadelphia’s New Mayor Drive Down Shootings?

    Cherelle Parker won’t be sworn in as Philadelphia’s 100th mayor until the first week of January, but her critics and supporters are already debating what she’ll need to do to combat the city’s gun violence crisis. Parker, 51, a single mother born into poverty who earned an advanced degree from the University of Pennsylvania before The post How Will Philadelphia’s New Mayor Drive Down Shootings? appeared first on The Trace.

Fair Warning

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    The Appeal

    • The Mass ‘Cop City’ Arraignments Were an Absurd Circus

      Georgia prosecutors have launched a first-of-its-kind racketeering case against 61 people, ranging from visitors arrested at a music festival to bail fund organizers. The mass-arraignment on November 6 showed just how much of an insane, unconscionable mess the case really is. The post The Mass ‘Cop City’ Arraignments Were an Absurd Circus appeared first on The Appeal.

    • Police in Arizona Arrest Reporter Covering Pro-Palestine Protest

      Alisa Reznick’s arrest marks the second time police within the United States have detained a reporter at a pro-Palestine protest in recent months. The post Police in Arizona Arrest Reporter Covering Pro-Palestine Protest appeared first on The Appeal.



    Democracy Now!

    • Democracy Now! 2023-12-01 Friday

      Headlines for December 01, 2023; “Mass Assassination Factory”: Israel Using AI to Generate Targets in Gaza, Increasing Civilian Toll; Resumed Bombing of Gaza Will Be Crushing to Palestinian Students Shot in Vermont, Says Victim’s Mother; The Case Against Henry Kissinger: War Crimes Prosecutor Reed Brody on Kissinger’s Legacy of “Slaughter”

    Common Dreams

    • Campaign Legal Center Responds to George Santos Expulsion Vote

      Today, the U.S. House of Representatives voted 311-114 to expel Representative George Santos of New York after a House Ethics Committee investigation found substantial evidence that he committed serious legal and ethics violations. Rep. Santos also faces a 23-count federal indictment that includes campaign finance crimes. Adav Noti, Senior Vice President & Legal Director at Campaign Legal Center, released the following statement in response to today’s vote: “No one is above the law. The expulsion of Rep. George Santos after a House Ethics Committee investigation revealed substantial evidence that he engaged in criminal and unethical activity vindicates the voters’ right to financial transparency from their representatives and demonstrates that oversight bodies in Congress are critical to accountability. The House Ethics Committee’s monthslong investigation into the Santos campaign was triggered by a referral from the Office of Congressional Ethics – the only independent ethics investigatory body in Congress. Findings by the Committee released in mid-November detailed substantial evidence that Santos violated a slew of federal election laws, including conspiracy to commit perjury in filings with the Federal Election Commission. The Committee also noted Santos’s refusal to cooperate with the Committee’s investigation. Santos’s expulsion shows the power and potential of ethics enforcement. While it should not take violations as egregious as those committed by Santos for this system to work effectively, it is also further proof that an independent investigatory body for the Senate is long overdue. All Americans have the right to financial honesty from members of Congress, and to effective enforcement against any elected official who deprives the voters of that right.” --- On January 9, 2023, Campaign Legal Center filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) alleging that Rep. George Santos, his 2022 campaign committee and treasurer Nancy Marks violated federal campaign finance laws. The following day, CLC referred the complaint to the Department of Justice. CLC’s complaint alleged, among other things, that Santos’s campaign falsely reported $705,000 in “personal loans” from Santos, and the information underlying Marks’s guilty plea appears to support that allegation: Prosecutors in Marks’s case have reportedly indicated that Marks and Santos conspired to fabricate $500,000 in loans made to the campaign in order to meet fundraising benchmarks. The superseding indictment against Rep. Santos includes new charges related to the loans.

    • Santos Expulsion is a Hard-Won Victory for Ethics Advocates and Santos’ Constituents

      Today, the House voted to expel Rep. George Santos (R-NY) from Congress for ethical and criminal violations uncovered by in-depth reporting, federal criminal investigations, and an explosive House Ethics Committee report released earlier this month. Anti-corruption advocates and Santos’ own constituents have called for Santos’ expulsion since his lies about his background and resume were first uncovered in January. Lisa Gilbert, the executive vice president of Public Citizen and co-leader of the Not Above the Law coalition, issued the following statement in response: “George Santos’ expulsion from the House of Representatives is long overdue. His removal is a testament to the tireless advocacy of ethics advocates and his constituents. Residents of NY-03 were lied to throughout his campaign and denied competent representation in Congress for nearly a year. They now have a chance for honest representation. “What should have been an open-and-shut case of defrauding voters became a year-long MAGA circus as former Speaker McCarthy, current Speaker Johnson, and other extreme House leaders shielded Santos from accountability — abandoning ethical responsibility in favor of one additional vote for their dangerous and unpopular agenda. “We are all better off now that Santos no longer holds a seat in Congress, and we applaud the bipartisan group that put ethics above party and voted for his removal.”

    • COP28 Presidency Unveils new ‘Alterra’ $30 Billion Renewable Energy Fund in Collaboration with BlackRock and Brookfield

      In an announcement today, the COP28 Presidency with investment giants BlackRock and Brookfield announced to establish a $30 billion fund dedicated to renewable energy in Emerging and Developing Economies. While scaling up investment in renewables is much needed, raises concerns regarding the accuracy of fund claims and the absence of critical safeguards against potentially harmful investments. “In the pursuit of a greener tomorrow, we must scrutinize the COP28 fund’s bold claims. While in principle a step in the right direction, we would need to check that the claims by the presidency are not overblown. It seems that safeguards against dangerous distractions and projects that harm communities are missing” says Andreas Sieber, Associate Director of Policy and Campaigns of 350.orgThe majority of the $30 billion fund is expected to operate at market rates rather than through concessional finance or grants – a financial approach deemed essential for the substantial upscaling of renewable deployment in the Global South.Presently, the fund stands at a mere $6.5 billion, not $30bn and is only “expected” to attract additional funds, leaving the timeline for achieving the full “commitment” of $30 billion unclear. Of the total sum, $5 billion is planned to be designated for “risk mitigation capital,” in principle a positive step. Yet, this can be expected to come in the form of concessional loans which can help in particular to unlock private capital. However, expresses apprehension about the lack of safeguards to prevent the accumulation of unsustainable debt, for both market rate and concessional finance instruments.“What we can take at face value right now is a fund of $6.5bn which will lend at market rates ‘for global investments, including the Global South’ – this isn’t wrong per se, but as such not a game changer and certainly not an adequate response to the financing needs of countries in the Global South” says Andreas Sieber, Associate Director of Policy and Campaigns of 350.orgWhile acknowledging the potential of concessional loans to attract additional private investment, questions the bold claim of unlocking $250 billion by 2030, deeming it potentially exaggerated and urging a closer examination of the fund’s feasibility.The composition of the fund’s leadership raises further concerns, with three out of four members having a documented history of involvement in fossil fuel investments or having led fossil fuel companies. This has prompted to highlight concerns about the potential exclusion of essential renewable investments, such as Carbon Capture and Storage, and the need for a strategic shift away from fossil fuel-related calls for a transparent and comprehensive assessment of the fund’s governance, ensuring it aligns with principles of responsible and ethical investment to effectively drive the transition towards a sustainable, green energy future.Zaki Mamdoo, Campaign Coordinator, StopEACOP said:“History shows that when rich countries extract fossil fuels in poorer countries there are usually consequences, like worsening social and economic inequalities on top of deepening the climate crisis. 30 billion USD of climate funds managed by the likes of these companies risk replicating the same systems that worsen inequalities. We must support affordable and energy-saving solutions. We also need to put decision-making power in the hands of the many, instead of bankers. People should be actively involved in making decisions. Community-centered, community-led, and community-owned wind and solar energy projects are the models that will bring us to an energy transition rooted in justice.”

    Labor Notes

    • AUDIO: Labor Year in Review

      Jenny Brown of Labor Notes discusses the Auto Workers, Teamsters, nurses, hotel workers and teachers who have been making waves this year. Listen on ‘Revolutions Per Minute,’ the podcast of the New York City Democratic Socialists of America. LISTEN HERE.

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    Latino USA

    • The Archivists: The Unseen Fight to Preserve Our Stories

      After months of working closely with the archivists and librarians of the Nettie Lee Benson Latin American Collection at the... The post The Archivists: The Unseen Fight to Preserve Our Stories appeared first on Latino USA.

    • By Right of Discovery

      In the fall of 1969, Richard Oakes, a 27-year-old citizen of the Mohawk nation and student, stood on the grounds... The post By Right of Discovery appeared first on Latino USA.

    • Bad Mexicans: Borderland History That Resonates Today

      At the turn of the 20th century, revolution was starting to brew in the U.S.-Mexico borderlands. A group of Mexican... The post Bad Mexicans: Borderland History That Resonates Today appeared first on Latino USA.


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      Unicorn Riot

      • White Vigilante Appeals Murder Conviction, Seeks Release From Jail

        Saint Paul, MN — On May 31, Ramsey County District Judge Leonardo Castro sentenced Brian Kjellberg to just 365 days in jail for the December 2, 2021 killing of Arnell ‘AJ’ Stewart. Now, after serving six months of his sentence, Kjellberg is asking for release… The post White Vigilante Appeals Murder Conviction, Seeks Release From Jail appeared first on UNICORN RIOT.


      • A glimpse of the world’s heart

        I tried to go to a sacred place atop a mountain. But there are some places we cannot go – and some things we cannot know - by Nick Hunt Read at Aeon

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