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  • Democrat Khanna: Biden is ‘running out of time’ with young voters over Gaza war

    Representative Ro Khanna says he will skip Netanyahu’s address to Congress and that young people want war to endProgressive California Democrat Ro Khanna warned Sunday that Joe Biden is running out of time to win over young voters opposed to his administration’s handling of the Israel-Gaza conflict and that he will not attend Benjamin Netanyahu’s address to Congress next month.In an interview with NBC’s Meet the Press on Sunday, Representative Khanna said the erosion of support that the US president is seeing among young voters is a “challenge for our party” and the Democrats could be “running out of time” to restore support with “more people dying” in the conflict. Continue reading...

  • Muted mics, no props: CNN details rules for Biden and Trump debate

    Network says no studio audience in Atlanta and moderators ‘will use all tools at disposal to ensure a civilized discussion’The first US presidential debate between incumbent Joe Biden and Republican rival Donald Trump on 27 June will include two commercial breaks, no props and muted microphones except when recognized to speak, CNN said Saturday.The rules, agreed outside the Commission on Presidential Debates, are designed to reduce fractious interruptions and cross-talk that have often marred TV encounters in recent presidential election cycles. Continue reading...

  • Democrats agree Biden had to act on immigration – but they’re split over his asylum order

    Some feel limiting US-Mexico border crossings will protect the country, while others say ‘it violates American values’Democratic mayors, governors and members of Congress from the south-west to the north-east stood beside Joe Biden at the White House, when he unveiled an executive order temporarily sealing the US-Mexico border to most asylum seekers – the most restrictive immigration policy of his presidency.“We must face a simple truth,” the US president said. “To protect America as a land that welcomes immigrants, we must first secure the border and secure it now.” Continue reading...

  • Biden raises $30m at LA fundraiser featuring Obama, Clooney and Roberts

    President speaks with ex-president Barack Obama during campaign event at Peacock Theater on Saturday nightSome of Hollywood’s brightest stars headlined a glitzy fundraiser for President Joe Biden, helping raise what his re-election campaign said was a record $30m-plus and hoping to energize would-be supporters for a November election that they argued was among the most important in the nation’s history.George Clooney, Julia Roberts and Barbra Streisand were among those who took the stage at the 7,100-seat Peacock Theater in Los Angeles on Saturday night. Late-night host Jimmy Kimmel interviewed Biden and former president Barack Obama, who both stressed the need to defeat former president Donald Trump in a race that’s expected to be […]

  • Sam Bankman-Fried funded a group with racist ties. FTX wants its $5m back

    The Guardian reveals FTX trustees, in charge after the CEO’s downfall, allege payments were made with looted fundsMultiple events hosted at a historic former hotel in Berkeley, California, have brought together people from intellectual movements popular at the highest levels in Silicon Valley while platforming prominent people linked to scientific racism, the Guardian reveals.But because of alleged financial ties between the non-profit that owns the building – Lightcone Infrastructure (Lightcone) – and jailed crypto mogul Sam Bankman-Fried, the administrators of FTX, Bankman-Fried’s failed crypto exchange, are demanding the return of almost $5m that new court filings allege were used to bankroll the purchase of the property. […]


  • Can state-level green amendments protect from rollbacks in federal regulations?

    A proposed state constitutional amendment introduced in the Michigan House in April  would put the right to clean air, water, soil and a stable climate on par with other fundamental liberties like the freedoms of speech and religion. The Michigan Green Amendment, introduced by Rep. Rachel Hood (D-Grand Rapids), follows the passage of amendments in Pennsylvania, Montana and New York that have […]

The Marshall Project

Fair Observer

  • A New Documentary Highlights China’s Expansion Into Ethiopia

    This Sunday, Made in Ethiopia premiers at the DC/DOX documentary festival in Washington, DC. This film rejects simplistic narratives and explores Ethiopia’s burgeoning industrial sector and partnership with China through three individuals’ perspectives. Ethiopia is the most populous nation in East Africa. In the 20th century, it faced economic troubles and civil war between communist… Continue reading A New Documentary Highlights China’s Expansion Into Ethiopia The post A New Documentary Highlights China’s Expansion Into Ethiopia appeared first on Fair Observer.

  • Short Story: “Silly Old Trick”

    Something to consider when reading/listening: Are memories a sufficient consolation for aging? It’s just a trick, see. It’s just a silly old trick. That’s all it is.  I’m 23 years old and last month I married my sweetheart. And a few different people at the wedding, it was a quiet reception at the cricket club,… Continue reading Short Story: “Silly Old Trick” The post Short Story: “Silly Old Trick” appeared first on Fair Observer.

  • FO° Talks: Benny Gantz Goes: Make Sense of Israel’s New Crisis

    On June 9, Benny Gantz resigned from the three-man Israeli war cabinet. A centrist, he was a moderating force on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Yet Gantz has thrown in the towel, decrying Netanyahu’s handling of the ongoing Israeli military operation against Hamas in Gaza. Who is Benny Gantz? Gantz is a career military officer and… Continue reading FO° Talks: Benny Gantz Goes: Make Sense of Israel’s New Crisis The post FO° Talks: Benny Gantz Goes: Make Sense of Israel’s New Crisis appeared first on Fair Observer.


  • Eulogy for silence

    Tinnitus is like a constant scream inside my head, depriving me of what I formerly treasured: the moments of serene quiet - by Diego Ramírez Martín del Campo Read at Aeon



Unicorn Riot


Democracy Now!

  • Democracy Now! 2024-06-14 Friday

    Headlines for June 14, 2024; Supreme Court Protects Access to Mifepristone, But War on Abortion Rights Continues to Escalate; Birding While Black: Christian Cooper on NYC Audubon Society’s New Name & Racist Central Park Incident; “Better Living Through Birding”: Christian Cooper on Being a Queer Black Man in the Natural World

Latino USA

    Yale Environment 360

    The Appeal

    • Our Fathers Were Sent to Prison and We Couldn’t Afford to Stay Connected

      We are just two of millions of children who’ve experienced family separation due to incarceration and the obscene costs of prison communications. Now we fight to make these services free. The post Our Fathers Were Sent to Prison and We Couldn’t Afford to Stay Connected appeared first on The Appeal.

    • Cook County Jail’s Deadliest Year in Decades Reveals Repeated Lapses and Failed Oversight

      Eighteen people died at the jail last year, and half of the deaths featured examples of inadequate supervision and medical care, an Injustice Watch investigation found. Sheriff Tom Dart blames detainees overdosing on drug-laced paper and says he’s addressed the problem, but experts say there’s a renewed need for oversight. The post Cook County Jail’s Deadliest Year in Decades Reveals Repeated Lapses and Failed Oversight appeared first on The Appeal.


    Inside Climate News

    • New Mexico Debates What to Do With Oil and Gas Wastewater

      The question of what to do with the vast quantities of toxic wastewater from oil and gas drilling in New Mexico is up for debate.  At stake are billions of gallons of wastewater generated annually in New Mexico, an arid state facing water shortages in the coming decades. Injecting the wastewater, known as produced water,

    • Will the Lightning Bug Show Go On?

      Every year in late June, Peggy Butler and her husband, Ken, welcome visitors to rural northwestern Pennsylvania for the chance to glimpse the rare and beguiling Photinus carolinus. This firefly species flashes synchronously, creating dazzling spectacles of light. The abundance of fireflies on their property in Forest County—there are at least 17 species in addition


    The Conversation

    The Trace

    • Supreme Court Strikes Down Ban on Rapid-Fire Bump Stocks

      The U.S. Supreme Court has struck down a Trump-era regulation that effectively banned bump stocks, aftermarket accessories that make semiautomatic rifles fire more like machine guns. The devices were used in the deadliest mass shooting in American history. The justices split along ideological lines. A majority of six found that the definition of machine gun The post Supreme Court Strikes Down Ban on Rapid-Fire Bump Stocks appeared first on The Trace.

    • In Chicago, a Community Race Displays a Side of Little Village That Doesn’t Make the News

      On a sunny Saturday morning last month, as Anahí Perez walked through Chicago’s La Villita Park, she thought of her nephew. Juan “Juanito” Medina Jr. was born when she was still in high school, an age gap small enough that she felt like they had grown up together. He was 14 years old when he The post In Chicago, a Community Race Displays a Side of Little Village That Doesn’t Make the News appeared first on The Trace.

    • The Trace Is Hiring a Great Lakes Reporter

      The Trace is hiring a reporter who lives in the Great Lakes region to cover gun violence across Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.  We are looking for someone who can thoroughly report stories as assigned and help spot new ones, who is familiar with the region and has the flexibility to travel The post The Trace Is Hiring a Great Lakes Reporter appeared first on The Trace.

    Quanta Magazine

    • The Brainstem Fine-Tunes Inflammation Throughout the Body

      The evolutionarily ancient part of the brain that controls breathing and heart rate also regulates the immune system — a discovery about the brain-body axis made by experts on taste. The post The Brainstem Fine-Tunes Inflammation Throughout the Body first appeared on Quanta Magazine

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