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  • Biden makes verbal slips on Zelenskiy and Harris names – as it happened

    This blog is now closed. You can read out main story here. Keir Starmer is now holding a press conference as he prepares to leave the Nato summit in Washington.The UK prime minister said he had brought “a message of enduring and unwavering commitment” to Nato. Starmer said:Every policy we have in pursuit of our missions, everything we’re doing to improve people’s lives, all that we hold dear, depends on our security.That is our first priority. It is always our first priority. I made that crystal clear to the British people in our campaign and so I also came to this summit with a clear message.The US announced a new security package for Ukraine worth $225m, which includes a Patriot missile battery, additional ammunition for […]

  • Anne Applebaum on autocracies and signs of America’s move to join them - podcast

    Back in December Donald Trump said the quiet bit out loud when he announced he wanted to be a dictator – if only on day one. Looking around the world in the 21st century, autocracy is getting a new lease of life – authoritarian regimes are working together, and the danger to democracies like the United States is getting closer to home.This week, Jonathan Freedland is joined by the political commentator and author Anne Applebaum to look at what the US should be doing to tackle the growing threat of autocracyArchive: CNN, CSPAN, PBS Newshour, MSNBC, Fox News, AP News, DW News Continue reading...

  • Joe Biden defiant despite gaffes at Nato press conference as he battles calls to stand aside

    US president navigates complex foreign policy questions at event tainted by mixing up names of Harris and Trump, and earlier Zelenskiy and PutinBiden dismisses concerns over fitness at Nato summit – liveKey takeaways from Biden’s Nato press conferenceIn a critical press conference meant to make or break his presidential campaign, Joe Biden spiritedly defended his foreign policy record even as he faced a barrage of questions on his mental fitness and, in another gaffe, mistakenly referred to Kamala Harris as “vice-president Trump”.Biden offered extensive remarks on thorny foreign policy issues including competition with China and the Israel-Hamas war, in which he said he had warned Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu away from […]

  • You could sense the embarrassment: Biden’s press conference a sign of how low the presidency has sunk | John Crace

    The post-Nato press conference was an opportunity for the world to see Biden unscripted, but there was no coming back from the Zelenskiy/Putin slip upShould I stay or should I go? If I stay there will be trouble … This wasn’t so much a press conference, more a job interview conducted in front of an audience of millions. One where almost everyone had already made up their mind that they would rather almost anyone else got the nod.This was politics as a bloodsport. Painful to watch. Like intruding on a personal grief. Because there could be no winner here. Were Joe Biden to be word perfect and razor sharp, the doubts would remain about his cognitive abilities. The US president cannot erase his recent past. The gaffes come with ever […]

  • Joe Biden: key takeaways from his Nato press conference

    The president was more at ease on foreign policy – but his remarks were overshadowed by a couple of high-profile gaffesDuring Joe Biden’s press conference at the Nato summit, which many described as a test for the future of his re-election bid, he demonstrated clarity and conviction on foreign policy. But much was overshadowed by a couple of awkward gaffes and a shaky voice, at a time when the US is hyper-focused on his fitness to lead.After roughly eight minutes of prepared remarks, Biden answered reporters’ questions on Nato, Ukraine, China and Israel, and just as many on his cognitive health and his vow to stay in the race. Continue reading...


  • A five-star recipe for cutting food waste?

    A comprehensive report on food waste published in March by the United Nations Environment Programme shares some sobering statistics: In 2022, people around the world wasted the equivalent of more than 1 billion meals each day. But the key take-home message is a far more encouraging one. In addition to scoping the extent of food waste, the report offers a specific strategy for reducing it and […]

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  • FO° Crucible: Money Matters in a Multipolar World, Part 8

    There can be little doubt that everything that is happening at the intersection of financial matters and geopolitics has become marked by a growing trend towards ambiguity and instability. The events of this past June radically increased the degree of both ambiguity and instability especially for Europe, but also the rest of the world. The… Continue reading FO° Crucible: Money Matters in a Multipolar World, Part 8 The post FO° Crucible: Money Matters in a Multipolar World, Part 8 appeared first on Fair Observer.

  • Being Smart About AI: How to Better Minimize AI Risks While Maximizing Spectacular Benefits

    Generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) has tremendous potential societal benefits. How to apply it to realize those benefits is unclear. The technology itself is evolving rapidly, becoming more and more powerful. This puts organizational leadership in a vulnerable spot. How can business, nonprofit or government organization leaders capture the benefits of this dramatic technological innovation while… Continue reading Being Smart About AI: How to Better Minimize AI Risks While Maximizing Spectacular Benefits The post Being Smart About AI: How to Better Minimize AI Risks While Maximizing Spectacular Benefits appeared first on Fair Observer.

  • An Electoral Stunner! How Engineer Rashid Suddenly Won From Prison

    “My father has kept us away from politics, whether it is me, my brother or any other family member. My little brother returned back from Delhi a few days ago only to campaign and become the voice of our jailed father.” These were the words of Abrar, son of the jailed Indian politician Sheikh Abdul… Continue reading An Electoral Stunner! How Engineer Rashid Suddenly Won From Prison The post An Electoral Stunner! How Engineer Rashid Suddenly Won From Prison appeared first on Fair Observer.




Unicorn Riot

  • Interview: Breaking Down the Mahdi Ali Case

    The brutal 2010 triple murders at the Seward Market shocked the community, and police concluded the killer was fifteen-year-old Mahdi Ali. A new Unicorn Riot investigation raises 27 different issues with that investigation and the murder trial. We circled back with our contributor to break down the major elements people should know about this contentious case. The post Interview: Breaking Down the Mahdi Ali Case appeared first on UNICORN RIOT.


  • Who’s Funding the Republican Convention?

    The Republican National Convention (RNC), held this year in Milwaukee, will cost the Republican Party tens of millions of dollars, but the source of the bulk of that money won’t be publicly known until long after the event is over.

Democracy Now!

  • Democracy Now! 2024-07-11 Thursday

    Headlines for July 11, 2024; Should Biden Step Aside? Wajahat Ali & Norman Solomon Debate Democratic Options for 2024 Race; Fmr. Israeli Peace Negotiator Daniel Levy: Netanyahu Is “Trying to Do Everything to Prevent a Deal”

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      • Life Is Unfair — Just Ask Joe Biden

        Thursday’s press conference has shown that Joe Biden is judged differently than Donald Trump… by members of his own party, the media, and the American people. That may not be fair, but it’s necessary. And it also showed that neither man should be president. Life Is Unfair — Just Ask Joe Biden originally appeared on WhoWhatWhy

      Inside Climate News

      • Hurricane Beryl Was a Warning Shot for Houston

        When Hurricane Beryl entered the Gulf of Mexico, the city of Houston had little reason to believe it was about to take its first direct hit from a tropical cyclone in decades.  Initial forecasts predicted the storm would make landfall in northern Mexico, hundreds of miles away, after it battered Caribbean Islands and the Yucatán

      • Clean Energy Is Booming in Purple Wisconsin. Just Don’t Mention Climate Change

        Scott Walker’s disdain for climate-friendly policies was no secret. During his tenure as Wisconsin’s governor from 2011 to 2019, he eliminated state clean energy programs, slashed environmental agency budgets and made it more difficult for state employees to use peer-reviewed climate studies to inform policy decisions. Walker, a staunch Republican who made a name for


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      • They Survived the Highland Park Mass Shooting. It Opened Their Eyes.

        It was a beautiful morning in Highland Park two years ago as the small city north of Chicago prepared to hold its first Fourth of July parade since 2020, when COVID-19 put public celebrations on hold. Two friends, Jason Rotter and Martin Rossen, brought their families downtown to celebrate the holiday. The group sat on The post They Survived the Highland Park Mass Shooting. It Opened Their Eyes. appeared first on The Trace.

      • July Fourth Gun Violence Plummets to a Five-Year Low

        Independence Day weekend is almost always the time of year when gun violence kills or injures the most people. But this year, there were fewer people shot than in any year since 2019. According to the Gun Violence Archive, 245 people were injured or killed in shootings on the holiday, a 20 percent decrease from The post July Fourth Gun Violence Plummets to a Five-Year Low appeared first on The Trace.

      • Surgeon General Vivek Murthy Explains His Historic Warning About Gun Violence

        One week ago, U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy took the unprecedented step of issuing an advisory on gun violence, marking the first time his office has addressed the issue in such depth.  Murthy’s 32-page document is a clarion call to treat gun violence as an urgent public health crisis. It outlines an alarming increase in The post Surgeon General Vivek Murthy Explains His Historic Warning About Gun Violence appeared first on The Trace.

      Quanta Magazine

      • What Could Explain the Gallium Anomaly?

        Physicists have ruled out a mundane explanation for the strange findings of an old Soviet experiment, leaving open the possibility that the results point to a new fundamental particle. The post What Could Explain the Gallium Anomaly? first appeared on Quanta Magazine

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