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  • Samuel Alito’s wife claimed upside-down flag was ‘international sign of distress’

    Senate Democrats seek meeting with Chief Justice John Roberts to discuss issue and seek Alito’s recusal on January 6 casesThe wife of US supreme court justice Samuel Alito reportedly justified the display of an upside-down American flag at the couple’s home by saying it was “an international signal of distress”, as senior Democrats have requested a meeting with the chief justice over the growing scandal.Martha-Ann Alito made the comments to a Washington Post reporter, the outlet reported on Saturday, when the journalist visited the couple’s Virginia home in January 2021, not long after the attack on the US Capitol by extremist supporters of Donald Trump. Continue reading...

  • Muscle memory and a fight to inspire: on the campaign trail with Biden

    Veteran Democrat embraces a gruelling schedule in swing through Michigan and Georgia as he seeks to avoid joining ranks of one-term presidents“The fact is that this election, a lot is at stake,” said Joe Biden, collar unbuttoned, mic in hand, watched by about 50 guests at tables dotted with small US flags at Mary Mac’s Tea Room in downtown Atlanta. “It’s not about me. It’s about the alternative as well.”The off-the-cuff remark was telling. After more than half a century in national politics, Joe Biden’s final campaign is defined not by his record but his opponent: Donald Trump. The outcome of November’s presidential election will decide whether he is remembered by history as the man who saved democracy twice – or as a […]

  • Trump ‘unified reich’ video reportedly traced to Turkish designer’s template

    CNN reports video published on Truth Social and removed hours later was made from template and placeholder text not changedA video posted on social media by Donald Trump referencing a “unified reich” has been traced to a template made by a Turkish designer more than a year ago, according to a report from CNN.Critics, including Joe Biden, condemned Trump over a video posted to his Truth Social account on Monday featuring a hypothetical headline from his second presidential term reading “industrial strength significantly increased … driven by the creation of a unified reich”. Continue reading...

  • RFK Jr attacks Trump and Biden as he makes 2024 pitch to Libertarian voters

    Independent candidate pledges to pardon Snowden and drop Assange charges, and says Trump ‘caved’ over pandemic responseRobert Kennedy Jr, a longshot independent candidate for US president, has sought to woo Libertarian party voters by casting rivals Donald Trump and Joe Biden as enemies of individual freedom.Kennedy, 70, brought Libertarians to their feet by promising to pardon government whistleblower Edward Snowden, currently exiled in Russia, and drop espionage charges against Julian Assange, the WikiLeaks founder battling US attempts to extradite him from Britain. Continue reading...

  • State department announces $275m in new aid package for Ukraine – as it happened

    This live blog is now closed. You can read all our US politics coverage here:All our US politics coverageSign up for our free 2024 US election newsletterOhio’s governor, Mike DeWine, has called for a special legislative session to include Joe Biden on the election ballot.Robert Tait reports for the Guardian:From midnight tweets, to drinking bleach, to tear-gassing citizens and staging a photo op, we knew Trump was out of control when he was president, and then he lost the 2020 election and snapped.Desperately trying to hold on to power. Now he’s running again, this time threatening to be a dictator, to terminate the constitution.This ad lays out the clear contrast voters will see a month from now when Trump stands on the debate stage […]


  • Can state-level green amendments protect from rollbacks in federal regulations?

    A proposed state constitutional amendment introduced in the Michigan House in April  would put the right to clean air, water, soil and a stable climate on par with other fundamental liberties like the freedoms of speech and religion. The Michigan Green Amendment, introduced by Rep. Rachel Hood (D-Grand Rapids), follows the passage of amendments in Pennsylvania, Montana and New York that have […]

The Marshall Project

Fair Observer

  • A New Political Order Is Dawning in South Africa’s Towns

    South Africans go to the polls on May 29 in the most fiercely contested election since the end of apartheid 30 years ago. The latest polls suggest that the ruling African National Congress (ANC) will, for the first time, get fewer than 50% of the votes. If this occurs, they will will have to seek… Continue reading A New Political Order Is Dawning in South Africa’s Towns The post A New Political Order Is Dawning in South Africa’s Towns appeared first on Fair Observer.

  • Short Story: “The Loop”

    Something to consider when reading/listening: Who is the person to whom you have caused the most harm? When we die, we come back as the person to whom we caused the most harm.  That’s what he told me. It started with a burst pipe and ended with me entirely changing how I look at the… Continue reading Short Story: “The Loop” The post Short Story: “The Loop” appeared first on Fair Observer.

  • India’s Overbearing Regulators Are Choking Foreign Business

    “Opaque corporate tax practices still are a barrier to too many companies that want to be here… Every CEO is saying: ‘Tell me about India.’ They want to invest,” said US Ambassador Eric Garcetti at a seminar organized by the Indo-American Chamber of Commerce on strengthening the Indo-US relationship on January 30, 2024, in New… Continue reading India’s Overbearing Regulators Are Choking Foreign Business The post India’s Overbearing Regulators Are Choking Foreign Business appeared first on Fair Observer.


  • The last great stigma

    Workers with mental illness experience discrimination that would be unthinkable for other health issues. Can this change? - by Pernille Yilmam Read at Aeon



Unicorn Riot

  • Indigenous Writer Gord Hill on Resistance Art History

    British Columbia, Canada — Renowned Kwakwaka’wakw artist, author, and political activist Gord Hill recently spoke at the University of Victoria’s (UVIC) Faculty of Fine Arts in Victoria for its annual Lehan Family Activism & the Arts Lecture covering the intersection of art and activism. Hill… The post Indigenous Writer Gord Hill on Resistance Art History appeared first on UNICORN RIOT.


Democracy Now!

  • Democracy Now! 2024-05-24 Friday

    Headlines for May 24, 2024; Northwestern Professor Steven Thrasher: You Are Being Lied to About Pro-Palestine Protests on Campus; 1,000 Harvard Students Walk Out of Commencement to Support 13 Seniors Barred from Graduation over Gaza; “Why Do Israel’s Bidding?”: Human Rights Advocate Hossam Bahgat Blasts Egypt Policy at Rafah Crossing

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      • Hey, Fox News, Whatever Happened to Hunter Biden?

        Hunter Biden will face a gun charge in court next month. His trial blows the “President Biden is weaponizing the DOJ against Republicans” diatribe out of the water. Is that why Fox News has stopped talking about Hunter?

      Inside Climate News

      • A Debate Rages Over the Putative Environmental Benefits of the ARCH2 ‘Hydrogen Hub’ in Appalachia

        Backers of a planned “hydrogen hub”’ in the Appalachian region have issued a document responding to criticism by environmentalists, saying that carbon capture and sequestration technology would mitigate greenhouse gas emissions from the project and that the hydrogen it produced would ultimately protect “environmental justice” communities from pollution currently emitted by heavy industry.  The project,

      • After Five Years Without Drinkable Water, a Nebraska Town Asks: When Will Our Tap Water Be Safe?

        This story was reported and originally published by the Flatwater Free Press, Nebraska’s nonprofit investigative newsroom.  Kameron Runnels watches, frustrated, as a pair of Santee tribal members move a pallet of water bottles with a borrowed forklift. The source of Runnels’ frustration: They’re only moving three pallets of bottled water on this Monday morning, less


      The Conversation

      The Trace

      • The Sandy Hook Generation Reinvigorates the Gun Safety Movement

        On the final episode of “Long Shadow: In Guns We Trust,” host Garrett Graff examines the toll gun violence has taken on Gen Z, whose lives have been defined by school lockdowns and active shooter drills unimaginable to previous generations.  This episode will be available on Wednesday, May 22. Today’s twentysomethings came of age in The post The Sandy Hook Generation Reinvigorates the Gun Safety Movement appeared first on The Trace.

      • The Trace Wins Award for Story on Child Toll of Domestic Violence

        The Trace’s reporting on the dangers domestic gun violence poses to children was recognized by the New York City chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists with a 2024 Deadline Club Award at an awards ceremony on May 16, 2024.  Senior news writer Jennifer Mascia’s sweeping piece, “Dangerous Homes: Guns and Domestic Violence Exact a The post The Trace Wins Award for Story on Child Toll of Domestic Violence appeared first on The Trace.

      • The Trace Adds Two Journalists to Growing Team

        We are pleased to welcome two innovative journalists to the gun violence beat. Ava Sasani started this week as the inaugural staffer for our Gun Violence Data Hub, and Alma Beauvais joined The Trace last month as our first-ever editorial assistant. Beauvais has interned for The Nation and The Miami Herald, and has written for The post The Trace Adds Two Journalists to Growing Team appeared first on The Trace.

      Quanta Magazine

      • The S-Matrix Is the Oracle Physicists Turn To in Times of Crisis

        Particle physicists in search of the next theory of reality are consulting a mathematical structure that they know will never fail: a table of possibilities known as the S-matrix. The post The S-Matrix Is the Oracle Physicists Turn To in Times of Crisis first appeared on Quanta Magazine

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