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Inter Press Service

  • It’s Time to Move Away from Public-Private Partnerships & Build a Future That is Public

    Last month, we joined more than 1000 representatives from all sectors of civil society who came together in Santiago de Chile to debate the future of – and threats to – public services the world over. Participants discussed the chronic underfunding which continues to drive economic inequality, injustice and austerity, and the neocolonial policies that

  • US Policies Slowing World Economy

    Few policymakers ever claim credit for causing stagnation and recessions. Yet, they do so all the time, justifying their actions by some supposedly higher purpose. Now, that higher purpose is checking inflation as if it is the worst option for people today. Many supposed economists make up tall tales that inflation causes economic contraction which

  • Insecurity in Nigeria’s Southern Kaduna: Will the Elections Change the Scenario?

    Tabitha Siman, a survivor of an attack at her home, says life is not worth living after her twin daughters, husband, and co-wife were killed during an attack at her home. Siman lives in southern Kaduna in Nigeria, where the impact of kidnapping in the region hit the headlines when bandits attacked a train heading



The Guardian

  • Atlanta shooting part of alarming US crackdown on environmental defenders

    Twenty states have enacted laws restricting rights to peaceful protest, as environmentalists are increasingly criminalized The shooting of Manuel Esteban Paez Terán, believed to be the first environmental defender killed in the US, is the culmination of a dangerous escalation in the criminalization and repression of those who seek to protect natural resources in America, campaigners have warned.The death of the 26-year-old, who was also known as “Tortuguita” or “Little Turtle,” in a forest on the fringes of Atlanta was the sort of deadly act “people who have been paying attention to this issue assumed would happen soon, with no sense of joy”, according to Marla Marcum, founder of the Climate Disobedience Center, which supports […]

  • George Santos’s lies are so big you almost have to admire them | Emma Brockes

    The New York congressman’s increasingly wild claims have all the thrill-seeking of a man running across a football field nakedIn retrospect, as it often seems to go in these cases, the evidence appears to have been so glaringly obvious, it’s a wonder we were ever taken in. George Santos – like Anna Sorokin, the “fake heiress” – even had the Scooby-Doo, black-rimmed glasses that might have come from a joke shop selling disguises. When the representative for New York’s third congressional district entered the House last November, he was briefly notable as the Republican’s first openly gay non-incumbent to win a seat.Now, his fame resides elsewhere. So wild and untrustworthy have statements made by Santos proved to be – Did […]

  • Tyre Nichols funeral: Kamala Harris condemns ‘violent act not in pursuit of public safety’ – as it happened

    Vice-president urges Congress to pass police reform billNichols died after being beaten by Memphis police officersFollowing a musical performance, a pictorial tribute to Tyre Nichols played to attendees at the funeral.The tribute opened up with a quote from Nichols, who was an avid photographer. It said:“My vision is to bring my viewers deep into what I am seeing through my eye and out through my lens.” Continue reading...

  • Tyre Nichols officers used force in prior cases and failed to document it

    Two officers were reprimanded for failing to document incidents and two others were suspended for infractions, records showTwo of the since-fired Memphis police officers charged with murdering Tyre Nichols failed to document their use of force in prior cases, and a pair of others were suspended from the department for other infractions, according to personnel records released on Tuesday evening.Two of the officers charged in connection with Nichols’s beating death received written reprimands in 2021 for failing to fill out a department-required form after an instance in which force was needed to detain someone who was purportedly resisting arrest. Another officer had been twice suspended, once after a gun was discovered in the backseat […]

  • Classified documents not found at Biden’s beach home after DoJ concludes search – as it happened

    Agents however did take away some documents for further review, attorney for the president saysSign up to receive First Thing – our daily briefing by emailMonmouth University has new polling out on the classified documents scandal, which finds voters are more inclined to give Joe Biden and Mike Pence the benefit of the doubt when it comes to the government secrets that turned up at their properties than they are Donald Trump.According to the survey, 50% think Pence knew there were documents in his Indiana home, while 58% believe Biden was aware of the secrets that have turned up in his Delaware residence and former office in Washington DC.Somewhat more Democrats (91%) than Republicans (72%) believe Trump was aware of the presence of […]


Inside Climate News


Quanta Magazine

  • Machines Learn Better if We Teach Them the Basics

    A wave of research improves reinforcement learning algorithms by pre-training them as if they were human. The post Machines Learn Better if We Teach Them the Basics first appeared on Quanta Magazine

The Real News Network

The Marshall Project

Daily Yonder

  • Interview: Engaging High School Students with America’s Complicated History

    According to Kevin Alderson, a retired teacher from rural Wisconsin public school, confronting difficult parts of the country's past is not only important – it's our "responsibility." The post Interview: Engaging High School Students with America’s Complicated History appeared first on The Daily Yonder.

  • Lack of Rural Lawyers Leaves Much of America Without Support

    This post originally appeared in PEW. Despite efforts in recent years by a handful of states, universities and legal associations to ease the problem, there remains a glaring lack of lawyers in many far-flung places. This leaves those areas and their residents without easy access to legal advice for family issues, wills, estates and property The post Lack of Rural Lawyers Leaves Much of America Without Support appeared first on The Daily Yonder.

  • ‘It Sucks That I Have to Be Scared’ – Conversations with Rural LGBTQ Young People

    LGBTQ youth in rural America face a challenging environment. Some progress has been made in the last two decades, but many still feel threatened and unwelcome in their own communities. The post ‘It Sucks That I Have to Be Scared’ – Conversations with Rural LGBTQ Young People appeared first on The Daily Yonder.

Fair Observer

  • Where is the Global Economy Headed in 2023?

    Atul Singh takes the view that these are perilous times for the global economy. Global debt reached a record $235 trillion: it is now 247% of GDP. Inflation around the world has shot up. In the eurozone, it was 9.2% in December 2022.  Poor economies are now paying more for stuff, getting less for their… Continue reading Where is the Global Economy Headed in 2023? The post Where is the Global Economy Headed in 2023? appeared first on Fair Observer.

  • Will Popular Protests Destroy Iran’s Islamic Regime?

    Before assessing Iran’s contemporary unrest, we must challenge some popular illusions about Iran. Three in particular are: One common misconception is that the 1979 revolution was simply an Islamic one. In reality, the revolution was as much a popular one as it was Islamic. It involved a broad spectrum of groups and interests, some of… Continue reading Will Popular Protests Destroy Iran’s Islamic Regime? The post Will Popular Protests Destroy Iran’s Islamic Regime? appeared first on Fair Observer.

  • Can ChatGPT Do a Better Job than Tony Blinken?

    Few people today remember the sequence of events that played out in Eastern Europe from December 2021 to February 24, 2022, the date at which Russia began its full-scale invasion of Ukraine. There are at least two good reasons most people don’t remember. The first is the media’s confusing coverage of the critical moments taking… Continue reading Can ChatGPT Do a Better Job than Tony Blinken? The post Can ChatGPT Do a Better Job than Tony Blinken? appeared first on Fair Observer.


  • How do carbon dioxide removal strategies compare?

    As the impacts of climate change become more visible in everyday life, attention is increasingly turning to ways to remove greenhouse gases from the atmosphere and so minimize further harm. A new report from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) provides a valuable overview of various approaches to doing so. In November 2020, NOAA’s Carbon Dioxide Removal Task Force was […]

The Trace

  • An Atlas of American Gun Violence

    The post An Atlas of American Gun Violence appeared first on The Trace.

  • Agya K. Aning Is The Trace’s Inaugural Editing Fellow

    Agya K. Aning has joined The Trace as the first participant in the nonprofit news organization’s two-year fellowship program for early- to mid-career journalists looking to establish themselves as editors. During his fellowship, Aning will work alongside The Trace’s editors to train and develop his skills, guiding and editing investigations, features, enterprise reporting, local coverage, The post Agya K. Aning Is The Trace’s Inaugural Editing Fellow appeared first on The Trace.

  • Hope and Disenchantment as Police Flood Philly’s Most Violent Areas

    On a frigid Saturday afternoon in mid-January, two men came to blows. They were seemingly oblivious to both blaring car horns and the police officer parked within sight in a marked patrol vehicle. “I’m going to kill you!” one man shouted under the permanent shade of the elevated subway tracks near the intersection of Kensington The post Hope and Disenchantment as Police Flood Philly’s Most Violent Areas appeared first on The Trace.

Fair Warning

    Yale Environment 360

    • Microplastics Are Filling the Skies. Will They Affect the Climate?

      Recent studies reveal that tiny pieces of plastic are constantly lofted into the atmosphere. These particles can travel thousands of miles and affect the formation of clouds, which means they have the potential to impact temperature, rainfall, and even climate change.Read more on E360 →

    The Appeal


    • Natural Resources Chairman Hires Oil Lobbyist as Chief of Staff

      Copyright, Reprinted with permission. Click here to support Truthout. A new report unveils that a significant number of Republicans on the House Natural Resources Committee — which oversees key issues like fossil fuel usage and land conservation — employ former fossil fuel lobbyists in top staff positions that could influence policy in coming years. Watchdog Accountable.US released a


      Democracy Now!

      • Democracy Now! 2023-02-01 Wednesday

        Headlines for February 01, 2023; Howard Prof. Justin Hansford & Abolitionist Andrea Ritchie on Tyre Nichols & Calls for No More Police; Standoff at NYC Hotel: Asylum Seekers Protest Relocation & Demand Their Right to Shelter in City

      Common Dreams

      • Advocates Cheer Revival of Bill to 'Restore Critical Protections' to Arctic Refuge

        Indigenous, climate, and conservation advocates on Wednesday welcomed the reintroduction of congressional legislation to restore protections and prevent fossil fuel development in Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Sens. Ed Markey (D-Mass.), Maria Cantwell (D-Wash.), Martin Heinrich (D-N.M.), and Michael Bennet (D-Colo.), along with Reps. Jared Huffman (D-Calif.) and Brian Fitzpatrick (R-Pa.), reintroduced the Arctic Refuge Protection Act, the continuation of legislative efforts dating back to the 1980s to protect the critical wilderness and its inhabitants. The lawmakers said in a statement that their bill "will restore critical protections to the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge—home to the Gwich'in people and the nation's largest national wildlife refuge—by designating the Coastal Plain ecosystem as wilderness under the National Wilderness Preservation System." If passed, the bill "would permanently halt any new oil and gas leasing, exploration, development, and drilling on the Coastal Plain, and would safeguard the subsistence rights of the Arctic Indigenous peoples who depend upon the unique ecosystem within the Arctic Refuge," the statement explained. As Huffman's office noted: The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge covers 19.6 million acres and is the largest unit in the National Wildlife Refuge System. The 1.56 million-acre Coastal Plain, the biological heart of the refuge, contains the calving grounds for the Porcupine caribou herd and is home to denning polar bears, musk oxen, wolves, and more than 150 species of migratory birds. The 9,000-strong Gwich'in Nation, living in Alaska and Canada, make their home on or near the migratory route of the Porcupine caribou herd, and have depended on this herd for their subsistence and culture for thousands of years. "The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is a national treasure and a cultural and spiritual home for Arctic Indigenous peoples," said Markey. "The traditional relationship that the Gwich'in and Iñupiat have had with the refuge for generations, as well as the singular ecosystem on the Coastal Plain, should not be put into harm's way because of old failed promises of a fictional financial windfall." "We need a law on the books that will affirm these lands are not for sale, preserve the wilderness of the Coastal Plain, and uphold the sovereignty of Arctic Indigenous peoples—who must be consulted regarding the use, management, and conservation of the Coastal Plain," he added. "The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is a national treasure and a cultural and spiritual home for Arctic Indigenous peoples." Karlin Itchoak, Alaska regional director for the Wilderness Society, stated that the bill "recognizes not only the importance of protecting wildlife and public land, but also shows respect and concern for the Indigenous peoples who live in and near the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge." "The Coastal Plain of the refuge is sacred to the Gwich'in Nation, and the Iñupiat people have stewarded this land since time immemorial," Itchoak added. "Protecting the Coastal Plain from oil drilling is essential to their cultures, food security, and ways of life, as well as to the global climate." Some Indigenous and conservationist activists expressed their deep disappointment last year after congressional Democrats excluded Arctic protections from their $430 billion budget reconciliation package. Protections including a measure to end the Trump-era mandate for oil and gas leases on the Coastal Plain were included in the Build Back Better package that made it no further than passage by House Democrats in 2021. The lawmakers said the reintroduced bill "would enshrine the protections sought by President [Joe] Biden on his first day in office, which were reaffirmed last June when the administration temporarily suspended drilling lease sales in the Arctic refuge." However, they stressed that "the Coastal Plain ecosystem remains at risk due to oil and gas lease sales mandated by the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act"—also known as the Republican Tax Scam—signed into law by then-President Donald Trump. Such lease sales ultimately generated little interest. The reintroduction of the Arctic Refuge Protection Act came on the same day that the Biden administration's Bureau of Land Management infuriated climate advocates by publishing an environmental assessment recommending partial approval of ConocoPhillips' Willow Project, a major drilling initiative on Alaska's North Slope, which contains much of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

      • Warren Calls For 'Landing the Plane Not Crashing It' After Fed Hikes Rate Despite Cooling Inflation

        Progressive economists and advocates on Wednesday blasted the U.S. Federal Reserve for hiking the federal funds rate an eighth consecutive time despite fears of a recession and impacts on working people. "With today's rate hike, the Fed is pushing us dangerously close to an unnecessary recession that would spell disaster for low-wage workers, workers of color, and vulnerable communities," the Groundwork Collaborative declared. "Workers and families shouldn't have to pay the price for inflation." The Federal Open Market Committee rose the benchmark interest rate to a range of 4.5%-4.75%. The 25-basis-point increase was the smallest hike since March and came amid signs that the U.S. economy is cooling off. "Chair Powell should pause his interest rate hikes and remember his dual mandate: Fight inflation without throwing millions out of work." Fed Chair Jerome Powell said that "while recent developments are encouraging, we will need substantially more evidence to be confident that inflation is on a sustained downward path," so "we expect ongoing hikes will be appropriate." U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), a major critic of the wave of increases, tweeted that "we want to bring down inflation, but that means landing the plane not crashing it. Chair Powell should pause his interest rate hikes and remember his dual mandate: Fight inflation without throwing millions out of work." University of California, Berkeley professor and former Labor Secretary Robert Reich explained in a recent video that "the Fed is wrongly obsessing about a wage-price spiral—wage gains pushing up prices—when it should be worried about a profit-price spiral—corporate profits driving up prices." \u201cThe Federal Reserve is continuing to raise interest rates in an effort to slow the economy. \n\nLower-wage workers and the poor bear most of the pain of these rate hikes.\n\nMeanwhile, corporate executives, Wall Street, and the wealthy get away scot-free.\u201d — Inequality Media (@Inequality Media) 1675280125 Longtime opponents of the Fed's strategy on Wednesday renewed calls for not only the U.S. central bank to halt its hikes but also federal lawmakers to get to work battling corporate greed. Liz Zelnick, director of the Economic Security and Corporate Power program at Accountable.Us, warned that "while the Fed continues to stick to their obsession with job-killing interest rate hikes, the livelihoods of working families are on the line." "Key indicators show inflation is slowing as our economic recovery remains fragile, which means the Fed's higher rates are only pushing the economy closer to a recession," she said. "Meanwhile, Fed economists have admitted corporations are the real culprit of high costs yet have still refused to relax rate hikes. It's time for the Fed to back down and let policymakers rein in corporate greed rather than risk it all on another rate increase." \u201cRoses are red \ud83c\udf39\nThe Fed wants a recession \ud83d\udcc9\nJerome Powell's gotta stop \ud83d\uded1\nWith this job loss obsession \ud83d\ude29\n\nSlower rate hikes are not enough - the Fed needs to hit pause before we tip over the edge and put millions of workers at risk of joblessness.\u201d — Rakeen Mabud (@Rakeen Mabud) 1675280991 Patriotic Millionaires chair Morris Pearl, former managing director at BlackRock, offered a similar critique of Fed policy. "Today's interest rate hike by the Fed is bad news for the American economy. It's true that raising rates is meant to solve inflation, but that doesn't mean it's the correct course to take right now. Raising rates may cool inflation, but it does so by making everything from mortgages to credit card payments more expensive, which hurts those already suffering the most in today's cost-of-living crisis," he said. "In this case, the cure may be worse than the disease." "If the federal government is truly committed to slowing inflation without heaping extra pain on the vulnerable, they should go after greedy, ultraprofitable corporations and their C-suite executives," he argued. "Many corporations have used the hype over inflation in recent months to raise prices on consumers and line their pockets. Why else would corporate profits be at a 70-year high?" "Many corporations have used the hype over inflation in recent months to raise prices on consumers and line their pockets." Pearl pointed out that "everyone's been complaining lately about how expensive eggs are. The fact that Cal-Maine, the largest egg producer in the U.S., experienced a 10-fold increase in their profits over the last year might just have something to do with it." As Common Dreams reported last month, Farm Action raised concerns about "apparent price gouging, price coordination, and other unfair or deceptive acts or practices by dominant producers of eggs" and urged the Federal Trade Commission to investigate the sector, "prosecute any violations of the antitrust laws it finds within, and ultimately, get the American people their money back." Pearl said Wednesday that "the Fed raising interest rates won't do anything to stop corporations like Cal-Maine from exploiting American consumers, unless they raise them so much as to cause a massive rise in unemployment." "It is hard to see a scenario where this kind of action does not cause immense pain to the worst off in America," he added. "The Fed needs to back off, and let Congress step in to tackle corporate greed."

      • GOP’s Ugly Attacks on Rep. Omar Are Shameful, Meant to Divide Us

        People’s Action and TakeAction Minnesota today released the following statement condemning the latest attempt by House Republicans to strip U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar, D–Minn., of her committee assignment on the House Foreign Affairs Committee:Representative Omar has been a fearless, steady voice for policies that put people first, not profit or politics. That is one reason MAGA Republicans continue to attack her and seek to remove her from her committee post: they fear her ability to hold decisionmakers to account on behalf of the people she represents. Omar has been a voice for democracy and justice in Minnesota, across the U.S. and around the world. Our members organized block by block to elect her in a powerful example of movement politics and co-governance with constituents. We condemn these constant attempts to use Omar’s identity to divide the people of our communities. We refuse to be divided.Representative Omar has leveraged her experience as an immigrant and refugee to bring joy and power to her work in Congress. That’s how Minnesotans do things, and we stand in solidarity with her in the face of this latest outrageous attack from the people who want to divide us.

      Labor Notes

      • Victory Against Polluter Points Way to Clean, Green, and Fully Funded Schools

        For two years, teachers and staff in my workplace, George Washington High School, helped lead a community campaign to stop a hazardous industrial metal shredder, General Iron, from moving a few blocks from our school. Repeating a historic pattern, city officials facilitated General Iron’s planned move from the wealthy and white Lincoln Park neighborhood where it had operated for decades to the working-class, majority Latino Southeast Side.

      Next City

      • These Entrepreneurs Get the Whole Community Involved in Funding Their Small Businesses

        (Photo by CreateHERStock)Small businesses that receive funding from Kiva have to get more than investors on board with their missions. Each loan from the “microlending” nonprofit is crowdfunded, so entrepreneurs need to tell a compelling story to attract support from the community that their […]

      • Is Housing the Missing Piece in Youth Programming?

        (Photo courtesy of Mickell Daniels)53206 is often considered one of the “worst” zip codes in Milwaukee. The under-resourced community faces many challenges and is known for its poverty and high incarceration rate. Yet, it also has one of the best youth programs in the city: GLOW 414 (Girls […]

      • A Unique Bioenergy Project Fueled By Food Waste Powers Community Connections

        Vernon Fleming, left, former mission director of Urban Growers Collective, and Clemens Halene, head engineer for Green Arrow Engineering, at the Green Era Campus site. (Photo by Audrey Henderson)This story was originally published by Energy News Network. Auburn Gresham is not what anyone would […]

      The World – PRI

      Latino USA

      • Portrait Of: Esmeralda Santiago LIVE in NYC

        In its second collaboration with Latino USA, the Unterberg Poetry Center presents an evening with Esmeralda Santiago, whose beloved memoir “When... The post Portrait Of: Esmeralda Santiago LIVE in NYC appeared first on Latino USA.

      • The Breakdown: The Legacy of ‘Dora the Explorer’

        In 1998, three writers were tasked to create the next hit show for Nick Jr., Nickelodeon’s preschool programming. They landed... The post The Breakdown: The Legacy of ‘Dora the Explorer’ appeared first on Latino USA.

      • Cecilia Gentili’s Revolutionary Ask

        Trans activist, actress and author, Cecilia Gentili, knows the power of stories. Whether she is working at her company Trans... The post Cecilia Gentili’s Revolutionary Ask appeared first on Latino USA.


        Amnesty International

        The Conversation

        Indian Country Today

        The 19th News

        Public Citizen

        Unicorn Riot

        • Jackson Heights NYC Drag Story Hour Draws Defenders, Homophobes

          QUEENS, NYC — On December 29, 2022, hundreds of New Yorkers gathered outside the Jackson Heights Public Library in Queens, where a drag story hour was taking place. On one side were roughly 40 people protesting the event, including Proud Boys, neo-Nazis, anti-vaccine activists, and… The post Jackson Heights NYC Drag Story Hour Draws Defenders, Homophobes appeared first on UNICORN RIOT.


        • My Duduś

          ‘He was a baby. He still couldn’t see.’ How one woman nursed an abandoned squirrel back to health – then had to let him go - by Aeon Video Watch at Aeon

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